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updated: October 8, 2009

 Vehicle Rental  

Budget - Official Supplier

call 1-800-772-3773 and identify yourself as an attendee along with your exclusive
Budget Convention Discount number:

Or reserve online by using this link



Charter / Support Boats


AdamsRibs.net provides 7m+ Rib boats to the racing community as support, crew, coach and photo boats. Four boats available for your team. Bareboat possible for properly certificated crew members.  Great rates and delivery available anywhere eastern US or Caribbean.

Contact George at 239 293 4159 or 207 266 1750 or info@adamsribs.net


Boat Aid

5805 Blue Lagoon Drive -  Suite 450

Miami, FL 33126

Tel: 305-264-3123

Fax: 305-264-9008

Download more information and rates (pdf)


Club Nautico at the Miami Beach Marina



SupportBoats.com LLC

Two Protectors in Miami available for charter.

The terms and conditions can be found on their site.

email: don@supportBoats.com 

or call: mobile 401.369.8150.

Crew Lunches

Miami Beach Deli Market at the Miami Beach Marina -call: 305-674-7880

Crew Dinners

Texas de Brazil, an authentic Brazilian churrascaria (steakhouse) has recently opened upstairs at the Miami Beach Marina. 

This popular fixed-price dining concept, combining the cuisine of southern Brazil with the generous spirit of Texas, is simple: more of everything…food, service and atmosphere. The ‘all-you-can-eat’ experience is heightened by a troop of carvers (Gauchos) roaming through the restaurant offering guests choice cuts of beef, chicken, lamb, pork and sausage-all slowly spin-roasted and grilled over an open flame, seasoned to perfection. Complementing this is an extravagant 40-item seasonal salad bar.

 In addition to the spacious main dining room overlooking the marina, Texas de Brazil offers smaller, private rooms which are ideal for crew dinners during Acura Miami Grand Prix.

Texas de Brazil Churrascaria

Miami Beach Marina (upstairs)

300 Alton Rd  Miami Beach, FL 33139