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Note To Readers: The day's reports read from bottom to top. Look forward to upgrades for 2011 event coverage!

  January 22, 2010 - Industry Partner's Day

1440H: As always, the reason why this is a great regatta is due to the competitors. They came out every day and worked hard to do well. And I love working with our great RC crew and boat ensemble who make Division 3 races so much fun for everyone.

Signing out and see you at the tent!

1417H: All boats have finished. Thanks to Alan for taking photos when I could not. The final finish photos are uploading

1403H: NoJoe did a 720 here in front of the signal boat. Not sure why, but would like to hear the story.

1353H: Chick Magnet hit the mark at windward and has done circles and re-rounded.

All boats are on their way to finish or to home.

1346H: Finishes have been in groups of two to four, so many may be racing their handicap. Results will tell...

1344H: Class Act hit the windward mark and has done it's turns. It has been a challenge for everyone at that mark. There are wind shifts and current, so there have been last minute tacks and more than a few taps.

We have 11 boats finished.

1330H: At the windward mark, Bluto did a bear away set followed down by a quick jib takedown and a gybe; Tampa Girl hit the mark and is doing circle.

1323H: Rounding photos are up and we are setting up for a finish. Bad Dog is the first boat for phrf 3 around the windward mark.

1320H: Our wind continues to shift right a little at a time. The velocity is lightening.

1314H: Class Act is the last boat in phrf 3 around the gate. For those who do not know, Class Act has a helmsman that is part of the Shake-A-Leg organization. He is legally blind, but has a terrific crew telling him to head up or head down. It still takes a steady hand and extreme focus and concentration to get the job done.

Class Act's helmsman name is Juan Carlos Gil. I know he is a better driver than me, cause if I drove I would have to name my boat "Ooop, Sorry!"

1300H: Bad dog is around the gate. Rush is going around the gate for the second time. Will he have enough time on Bluto who is coming up fast behind him.

1249H: There is a course change is to 210 for all classes.

1240H: This is the tightest grouping of Phrf 1 boats around the windward mark this regatta.

1237H: Finish and final start photos are uploading.

Stark Raving Mad is tacking between the corsairs at the upper mark and doing a gybe set.

Seeing some 220 wind readings. 9.5 knots; 215 degrees

1231H: We have been seeing 210- 215

There is a slight trend right over the last hour.

1228H: Phrf 3: Best start for this group of the entire regatta. All boats on the line. NoJoe was playing the line, a little over, a little back, with perfect timing to not be over early. Nice!

1223H: Phrf 1: Stark Raving Mad took off. MarinersCove was very late.

Phrf 2: Tangent over early and returned.

1212H: The multhulls are off and running. Good start by all.

1204H: Starting sequence at 12:05. All but phrf 3, 4 legs, 1.5 and for phrf 3, 4 legs, 1.1 legs, all 205 degrees

1200H: Setting up for next race.

1150H: Revolution had an accidental gybe at the finish. A man was hit and is down. A spectator boat transferred a first aid kit they had close. We stand by and hope for the best.

1142H: Wind is freshening to about 7. The last Phrf 1 is now ahead of the last multihull. See a little over 10k.

All boats around the upper mark. 5 boats have finished and none are multihulls. Not a multihull day.

1135H: Rounding photos are uploading. Preparing for the finish.

1131H: Just as a side note, our upper windward boat has been the same boat and the same personnel for the last 10 years of Key West Race Week. This explains why they can drop marks at exact locations; experience matters.

1127H: NoJoe is the next phrf 3 through the gate followed by Class act and chick magnet.

Stark Raving Mad is around the windward mark and heading for the finish. They are ahead of Merlin. Again, this shows the difference of the high versus the lower wind level.

1125H: There is a 7 minute spread between Merlin and the last multihull. There is a 1 min 10 sec spread between the second boat and the last multihull. Seems like two races are occurring.

Bad Dog was the first phrf 3 boat around the gate. Multiple minutes passed before Blah, Blah, Blah went around.

1119H: Our gate is clear; everyone for phrf 1 and phrf2 are around. All multihulls are around.

The port side of the course is getting some headers and the wind is lightening. A lot of little left and rights, wind velocity is more higher up, so those with taller masts are seeing more breeze than the smaller boats.

1117H: Bluto is the first phrf 2 boat through the gate followed closely by Rush.

Lots of gate activity today. Boats crossing and dividing pretty evenly. This shows the course is holding pretty steady or at least making an obvious choice not be obvious.

Last of phrf 3 is around the windward work.

1108H: Current is toward the east at .02k. Not much, but enough.

Merlin is here rounding the leward mark.

Stark Raving Mad is through the gate.

Bad Dog is around the windward mark

1105H: Island Flyer is the last Phrf 2 boat around the windward mark.

1104H: L'Outrage hit the windward mark and is doing their turns. There is a current out here and needs to be respected.

1101H: Stark Raving Mad around the windward mark.

Seeing 205 - 210 at the windward end. We are starting to see a trend.

Flight Simulator, a Corsair, hit the upwind mark and did their proper turns.Bluto is first Phrf 2 boat around the windward mark. They had two bullets yesterday and are going for a triple...All Phrf 1 boats are around the windward mark.

1058H: Phrf 1: All perfect on the line at the pin end for 6 boats. The other 3 at signal boat were a little late and two of them were Act One and Rhumb Punch.

Phrf 2: Another all line up start starting more at the pin end. Phrf 3: Blah, blah, blah getting a jump on Bad Girl, but probably not enough.

1056H: All starts are off. We are seeing winds 200-205. Start highlights: multihulls were all even on the line except for Merlin who was at the pin end alone. Their upwind time was 25 minutes up to the upper mark.

1028H: The bearing is 205 for all courses. We will start on time.

1011H: Setting up for a 210 bearing, 4 laps for everyone.

1008H: Wind is light. 1.3 mile legs for multihull, phrf 1 and 1.0 for phrf 2 and phrf 3

1005H: We do not expect to see Soap Opera in Phrf 2 today. They broke a chain plate and that is harder to fix.

1002H: There was a discussion with the crew of Merlin about whether they were racing today or sailing home early to Sarasota to avoid a possible evening storm. The storm potential has dissipated and Merlin has checked in.

0947H: Triumphant, one of the Corsair 28R's, was not out yesterday. A crew member's illness turned into pneumonia and more medical attention was required. We hope they can come out with spare crew.

0931H: NoJoe is from MA and shows that sailing experience counts. They are all over 50 and are sailing the J24 competitively for the first time. We all know J24's can be bruiser boats in heavier wind, but these guys are rockin it without a missing a beat!

0927H: I talked with Wild Ride this morning. Yesterday's main is in the truck to go home. But they have another main and will be out today ready to go!

We are anchored at N24 31.657, W081 44.770.

The axis will be about 15 degrees right of yesterday: 190-220 degrees

Winds are 205 to 210 degrees.

I received a nice note from the fans of NoJoe, a J24 in the Phrf 3 class. NoJoe is named for the two owners Norm LeBlanc and Joe Naroski. I had assumed they allowed no one named Joe on the boat.

0917H: I have been corrected - Commander's Weather is based in New Hampshire, but George lives in MA. Looking at the northern weather, I can understand why he is here.

0913H: 210 wind direction are being seen. Winds are light at 7k. It should build a little. George from Commander's Weather of MA is here with us again today. I would not call him a weather guesser; he is a weather Master.

0904H: Looking at this list, just imagine what a wild boat they could build if we put them all together!

0901H: And we can't forget Atlantic Yacht Rigging, Commander's Weather, Contender Sailcloth, Gill, Harken, New England Boatworks, NKE Marine Electronics, Quantum Sail Design Group, Rig Pro Southern Spars, telltale Websites for Sailors, Samson the strongest name in rope, Summit Yachts, Ulman Sails, and West Marine.

0859H: But other sponsors are the Farr 40's, Navetec Rigging Solutions, Bainbridge Sailcloth, DP sailcloth technology, Hall, Hayn Marine, Holmatro Marine Equipment, J Boates, Melges Performance Sailboats, New England Ropes, Nort Sails, SAIL magazine, Sailing World, Seahorse International Sailing, and US Sailing.

0857H: The day we here recognize all of the contributions of all of our sponsors. I am looking at a page containing the names of our 34 sponsors. Most of you know the big names of Lewmar, Sperry Top-sider, Slam, Marlow, and B&G.

0855H: It is another beautiful day here. More humidity. 74 degrees already, not a cloud in the sky.


  January 21, 2010 - Lewmar Day- Return To Top

1425H: All racers finished. Results have been sent to shore.

Engines running. Anchor up. Heading in.

1410H: We have the phrf 2 yet to finish. Long legs for them for this race. 2.1 miles for them and for phrf 1.

1407H: We are finishing the last boats.

1346H: Chick Magnet is the last boat on the way down toward a finish.

1338H: An NKE Electronics cap has been retrieved by one of the weather RC boats. It can be claimed at the tent.

1334H: We are once again being visited by the dolphins!

1329H: Merlin is heading down for a finish.

All other boats are on their third leg.

1316H: All multihulls have rounded the leward mark. Stark Raving Mad is through the gate and heading windward.

1309H: Wind has dropped to 9-10k

1306H: Merlin is coming by the RC for their downwind/leward rounding. All phrf 1 around the weather mark.

1302H: A lobster pot is just above the long weather mark at a distance enough so boats have to pay attention if they overshoot it.

1256H: I am assuming Wild Ride had reef points to begin with. Sometimes they do not, so when a sail rip or if a kringle rips out, you can't reef it properly, just bundle it down. Under this wind it would be hard to hold.

Merlin is coming down. 22 minutes for the first upwind. It must have lightened up. wind is holding at 165, 170.

The upper windward boat saw a 5' shark under its boat. The other windward boat had a sea turtle pass by.

1249H: phrf 3 - blah, blah, blah, and chick magnet were together on the line.

Wild Ride of Phrf 1 has blown out their main and will be dnf for this race. They had problems on the first race and could not solve the problem with a reef.

1242H: Phrf 2 - nice tight line, Bluto in the mix along with Tangent.

1240H: Phrf 1- Stark raving mad had clear air. But there was a battle with Vayu, MarinersCove, Rhumb Punch, and Wild Ride all stacked together. Wild Ride tacked first. A bit later Rhumb Punch went who was immediately covered by Mariners Cove, leaving Vayu alone on starboard.

1235H: Multihulls - The tobiko had a great start with only two men on board, but Merlin came on with great speed and overtook them easily.

1230H: The second race will be 4 legs for all classes, a bearing of 165 (winds are holding all day today), leg length for all classes except phrf 3 are 2.1 miles. For phrf 3, 1.4. The boys will be tired tonight, but will have enjoyed the ride!

1225H: All finishers are over. Wild Ride had one and ended up reefing the main and coming in under jib. 17, Tiboko, the multihull only has two on board and came flying by out of control under spin, had to douse and come back.

Start sequence has begun

1157H: creola has retired for the day

1146H: All classes are rounding for their final upwind leg. The usual phrf order is happening.

multihulls coming in for finish.

1144H: it will be awhile for the rest of the multihulls to finish after Merlin.

In Phrf 2, Soap Opera, sail 16, had broken a chain plate and is heading home. No injuries or major damage. Hopefully, they can repair and come back tomorrow.

1131H: Mulihulls are coming back down and will be finishing in 13 minutes.
Joy. says:
Stark Raving mad is around the gate for the second time.

Racers are dropping chutes early to make sure they keep control.

1114H: All of the multihulls have rounded the leward mark.

1111H: The group photos you see is our debriefing we hold after every day. Frosty beverages are enjoyed and a recap of opportunities for improvement.

1109H: Looking at the phrf 2 start photos, Tangent had the final edge at the line. You can just see the tip of the bow.

Photos are uploading. Merlin did the 2.1 mile downwind leg in 13 minutes, upwind at 19 minutes for the same distance. Yahoo!

1101H: phrf 2 start - but the shorter stick Mighty Puffin popped out to take that line first. Phrf 3 - chick magnet, blah, blah, blah, and Bad Dog were all up there with Blah, Blah, Blah getting the best start again.

1059H: The start hightlights: multihulls alll held off at the line and then took off like a shot and were 1/4 mile away within a minute. Tobiko had the best start. Phrf 1 - boats were all even at the start line; at the pin end was El Ocaso, mid was Stark Raving mad, and at signal was Marinerscove. Great to see.! Phrf 2 - A gaggle of 4 boats were together; see the photos to id them

1054H: Starts are off and running: Winds are holding at 165.

1030H: I am getting into position for start photos early to make sure I can be stable and not get bounced overboard. Our flag crew on the bow will be having the touch job of holding the flags and the boat at the same time.

1025H: Course board is being prepared. 4 legs for the multihulls and phrf 3; 6 legs for the phrf 1 and phrf 2; winds are 170.

Leg lengths are 2.1 miles for the multihulls, 1.4 for everyone else. Bearing will be 165 since se expect a little shift.

Starts will be on time. All competitors are holding off on their jibs, except the multihulls. The multihulls keep doing fly-bys with two of the three hulls out of the water. Very cool.

1020H: None of the racers are intimidated by the gusts today. The humidity and temperature are both up; temp at about 73 degrees. Not all racers are wearing foul weather gear. But we are seeing some life jackets based upon the policy and comfort of the boat. I always think of life jackets as easy safety and never hurts to wear them when the wind goes over 12k.

Course board is being prepared. 4 legs for the multihulls and phrf 3; 6 legs for the phrf 1 and phrf 2; winds are 170.

1014H: Seeing winds at 165. Blah, blah, blah and Bad Dog are both j/24 Key West boats in the Phrf 3 class. Everyone is checking in geared up for a wet day.

1009H: Chick Magnet, a Kirby 25, who came down from Canada, is out here and will be struggling to keep their boat down and manageable. But, they are used to blasty winds in Nova Scotia, so we expect them to be fighting for the front.

1006H: All boats are checking in with only the main up. when both sails go up for the start, we are going to see some heavy heel and good speed out of these boats.

1002H: Wind is 175 at 2 miles to windward. The course for the multihulls is being set up long to allow for lots of air time.

1000H: Wind readings continue to be 160- 165. With this extra wind, we are making our start line a little longer to allow for the shorter time between response and movement.

0943H: Wind readings are coming in at 165

0939H: Boats are already here and checking in. Multihull 228, Triumphant, will not be out today. they have a sick crew member and do not have a replacement. All boats are needing full crews today; no one sits home.

0932H: We are anchoring. Winds are gusting to 15k.

Our GPS location is at N24 31.714, W081 44.794

0904H: Lewmar has a new winch - the Evo. 15"-65" winch sizes are available, so there is one to fit your boat. As Lewmar evolves their technology, each winch design benefits and improves. The Evo is an improvement on the Ocean winch (no one thought it could be improved), and is easier to fit, easier to service, and even better quality materials.

Lewmar also has a completely flush hatch that is available on new Beneteus and Hennesy's. And by completely flush, I mean completely. The pictures I saw showed not even a 1/4 inch above the deck. No more stubbed toes on these boats. They are not designed for retrofit on current Bennies, but can be done if you talk with Lewmar about it.

We have 3 foot swells today as we head out to anchor. I am glad I had my Bonine last night and this morning. Sailing in rough seas is easy; concentration on text, numbers, and typing - not so much.

0858H: Today is Lewmar day! Doing a quick survey of the boats in our division I would say each boat has at least one Lewmar handle, if not 4. I love my 8" One Touch winch handle when sailing on my local S2 7.9. I call it my "Grab n Go" and am so attached to it I engraved my name on it.

Lewmar has a new winch - the Evo. 15"-65" winch sizes are available, so there is one to fit your boat. As Lewmar evolves their technology, each winch design benefits and improves. The Evo is an improvement on the Ocean winch (no one thought it could be improved), and is easier to fit, easier to service, and even better quality materials.

0851H: Our weather master, George, says the day will be much windier. Yesterday was a nice Phrf day; today will be a day for the big boats on Division 1. The prediction is for winds 14-18. There will be more wave action and more clouds. So far as we head out, it is all true.


January 20, 2010 - Mount Gay Rum Day  Return To Top

1457H: Final finish photos are uploaded.

1438H: Finishers are over. Motor is started. Heading in. Exciting for the racers today playing the shifts.

1408H: Next boat is Merlin, the multihull, multiple minutes away.

1404H: Creola is making its final rounding and heading downwind for the last time.

Wind is holding at 085 at 6k

Stark raving mad here to finish.

1356H: Chick Magnet has made his final rounding and is heading downwind for the last time.

Creola is making its final rounding and heading downwind for the last time. Wind is holding at 085 at 6k

1345H: Bad Dog is around the windward mark. He always closes the gap between him and Blah, Blah, Blah.

1340H: Seeing 6.5k at 090 - 095. Boats are picking up the shifts and reacting to them.

1322H: Chick magnet has rounded the upper mark. Last of their class

1320H: Stark Raving Mad is around the gate

1313H: 085 being seen; boats getting a little stalled on starboard, but not for long

1309H: The start highlights are: Multihull- Merlin was a hairs breath from OCS; Stategery and Overdo had a love tap; Phrf 1 - Revolution was inches from OCS; Phrf 2 - Tangent was perfect with 1 second from the line; Phrf 3 - Blah, Blah, Blah had another good start to try to close the gap on Bad Dog.

We are heading up for the windward finish.

1306H: All of the starts are off and running. Merlin is around the top end.

1238H: Course is All classes except phrf3 have a leg length of 1.3miles. Phrf 3 have a leg length of 1.0miles. All are 5 legs and a bearing of 090.

1233H: We are intending to start at 12:40. Winds have been 5-7k, 090.

1202H: The first 3 finishing boats are from 3 different classes.

Rush is the first one coming down for phrf 2 finish

1155H: Creola has just gone through the gate for its final lap.

Stark raving mad is coming in close for the finish.

1154H: Seeing 6k at 090. The lightening of the wind is making it a new race.

1153H: We are having a beautiful sunny day for those on the island.

1149H: Finishers coming.

1145H: All phrf 1's have gybed for their gate line.

The boat that did the false gybe was Wild Ride; the first 5 boats of phrf 1 took the same gate. Wild Ride and Rhumb Punch were on the same course with Rhumb Punch the heavily leward boat with speed.

080-085 wind holding.

Wind will be coming right in the next hour, the down trend of the velocity should stop in the next half hour. It will increase in velocity as it goes right.

Rush is at the gate.

1132H: Rush is holding their lead at the windward mark.

1129H: Merlin is on a rumline for the windward mark for Phrf 3; Phrf 3 may not appreciate it.

Stark raving mad is first around the gate as expected.

Roundings at the gate have been 50/50.

1127H: Bad Dog is down here at the gate.

The upper end just got a shift to 085. The boats are reacting by gybing. Multiple simultaneous gybes is glorious to watch.

All Phrf 1 boats near the windward boat gybed except one who did a false gybe. Risks are part of the game.

1121H: Stark Raving Mad is first Phrf 1 boat at the weather mark again.

Wind has been holding a 065 - 070 - 075

1117H: Bad Dog caught up to Blah Blah Blah to be the first boat for Phrf 3 around the windward mark. First multihull around its lower mark - Merlin; Chick Magnet is the last Phrf 3 at the windward mark; Phrf 2 is at the gate.

1106H: Creola is the last phrf 2 boat around the windward end.

Stark Raving Mad has just gone through the gate.

Photos from the start have been uploaded.

1104H: Rush is the first phrf 2 boat around the top end.

1101H: The wind has lightened on the windward end to around 9k, still holding at 10 to 11 at the signal end.

Tampa Girl is the last Phrf 1 boat to round windward mark. Wind is 070-075

1059H: Stark Raving Mad has rounded the windward mark. Merlin is around the windward mark.

The wind has lightened on the windward end to around 9k, still holding at 10 to 11 at the signal end.

Tampa Girl is the last Phrf 1 boat to round windward mark. Winds at 070

1056H: Highlights of the start: Multihulls - Strategery V pushed Tobiko over the line and caused them to restart; Phrf 1 - perfect line start for Marinerscove and Stark Raving Mad; Phrf 2 - L'Outrage had a clear start, but in the center of the line whereas the pin was slightly favored as the winds shift; Phrf 3 - Blah, Blah, Blah had a clear lead on the start.

Stark Raving Mad has rounded the windward mark. Merlin is around the windward mark.

The wind has lightened on the windward end to around 9k, still holding at 10 to 11 at the signal end.

1052H: All boats have started. Seeing little shifts.

1031H: We are expected to start on time.

Winds are holding at about 11k.

Our sequence has begun.

1026H: All boats are here except for Class Act, Phrf 3. They are our Just In Time boat.

We are expected to start on time.

1023H: The course has partially been set. Multihulls and Phrf-3 are doing 4 legs. Phrf1 and 2 are doing 6 legs. Multihulls have a 1.7 mile leg. All others have a 1.2 mile leg. The bearing for the course is 080.

1020H: The wind continues to slowly shift right. Cloud continues to come in.

1017H: The wind has lightened a little. Holding more at 12k. Still perfect wind for most of our boats.

1012H: Still seeing 070's to 090, but holding more toward 075.

1003H: The wind is picking up. We are starting to see some white caps. The wind is now 12 -14k. Perfect day for speed.

South/South east clouds have developed. The right shift is coming and beginning to be felt. 065-070.

0943H: Boats are here early and warming up. Rhumb Punch is here, who are also one of the three boats in the ariel view on the front page of the local newspaper here. The other boats were, and Vayu. Vayu is flying their beautiful yellow with red accent spinnaker in the photo. Nice.

0935H: We are anchoring at N24 30.520, W081 45.688 and are testing the anchor hold.

0930H: Today is Mount Gay Rum Day! The Mount Gay has been flowing at the tent nightly. Not many people know that Mount Gay have a variety of rums. Check out more information at As at trivia note: Quite notably, The first drink James Bond orders in Casino Royale (2006) is not his trademark martini but a Mount Gay rum with soda.

We are seeing winds 055-060 at 10k. The water is incredibly flat. Our windward end is seeing 065-070.

0921H: It is another beautiful day. Winds are 060 - 070. We expect a shift to the East during the first race. The appearance of the clouds will precede it as our first clue. (Commanders' Weather George Caras is on station with Div 3 Today)

  January 19, 2010 - Sperry Top-Sider Day  Return To Top

1425H: The finish photos were taken by Alan Stahl (my camera, but his nice shots.)

Race 4 finish photos are uploading now.

We are heading in.

1417H: The race is finished and now to figure distances with a course change.

1350H: We are all bundled up on the RC boat.

1346H: Tampa Girl is off and running again. A man went over the side of the boat, but is back on. Hopefully, it was worth getting wet and they found the problem.

1343H: Stark raving mad has finished. A bit of a wait for the rest of the boats.

1341H: Merlin finished. Last multihull around lower mark. It appears that Tampa Girl has a mechanical problem at the lower end.

1329H: NoJoe is the last boat to round the weather mark for his final full lap.

1327H: We are anchoring for our finish. Merlin is on the way up.

1321H: Weird shift at the gate to 015, but holding everywhere else at 030.

Doing a course change for the last leg.

1320H: The last boat is around the windward mark for its class - Wild Ride.

1319H: Bad dog around the gate.

1317H: Most classes are up here rounding the windward mark. Boats are evenly distributed across the course, so the occasional shifts to 030 are being handled.

1309H: Sorry, Merlin is around the windward mark. We are up here with the RC boat for the finish.

Stark Raving Mad is also rounding the windward mark.

1307H: The oscillations are temporary, so the course is holding. Merlin is crossing around the windward boat.

1304H: Last leg will probably be a course change. The wind is shifted to 020

Boats are rounding the gate 50/50.

1301H: All boats are heading downwind and the first of the phrf 1 - stark raving mad is rounding the gate.

Wind is shifting again.

1254H: Bad dog is around the windward mark.

All boats are heading downwind and the first of the phrf 1 - stark raving mad is rounding the gate.

1247H: Port tack boats are over-standing the windward mark indicating a slight left shift.

1243H: All starts off and running. Most were held off from the start line due to being conservative with the increase of wind. I would say we now have 12 knots.

Our RC boat is moving for the windward finish. Pictures from the race 3 finish and race 4 start are being uploaded. Wind is being shifty again 020-025

1211H: Start sequence began at 12:10

1209H: Cloud cover is still high,, rather heavy. The temperatures have dropped; 68 degrees. It will be chilly for the racers, but at water level, it should be warmer. Winds holding at 9

1208H: The course is 020, legs are 5 for all. 1.7 for all classes except Phrf 3, 1.3 leg length for Phrf 3

1207H: Finishes have happened. It will take awhile to compute distances since we are starting the next race.

1129H: The cloud cover is increased, but still high, so the temperature is decreased and the wind is now 11 to 12.

Merlin is coming down to finish.

Horns for the course change are sounding. Very consistent; everyone should get the message.

1123H: All marks for the changes have been properly placed. Horns for the changes have been. All boats are now going to the same weather mark. Phrf 1, stark raving mad is around the gate.

The pacing of the boats should make for no crowding between classes.

1119H: Photos from the start are out there.

1117H: Phrf 3 will have a course change to 040 for their third leg. 040 for the 5th leg of phrf 1 and 2. Multihull had course to 040 for third leg, too. Calculating distance for this one will also take some time.

Ama's for the multihulls are in the air. The wind is holding at 9-10. Clouds are still high.

1115H: Last phrf 3 at weather and first phrf 1. The boats are mixed all over the course. Since there is a course change coming for them, getting it correct is tough and reporting boat rounding's to me is less of a priority.

1111H: Phrf 2 are rounding the weather end.

1109H: Course change for the multhulls to 040.

1106H: Shifting back. No course change. Last boat of Phrf 3 around weather, Creola; first phrf 1 - Stark raving mad

1100H: PHRF 1 start had a crowd here at the signal boat. Tampa Girl and Vayu had an argument over who had room at the stern corner. There are red flags flying. Tampa Girl fended off from the RC boat to keep all safe. The rest of the line was tight all across. PHRF 2 was all clean and had Island Flyer, L'outrage, and Rush, and Mighty Puffin fighting it out. PHRF 3 has only 5 smaller boats and had lots of room. The interesting story there is the Just In Time starts of Class Act. They came down the course to start 30 seconds late. Wind shifting 040. We are probably going to have a course change. Seeing 030 shifts at the gate, 040 at the weather end. Feels like yesterday.

1053H:  The starts are off and they were very interesting. In the multihulls, Tobiko was on port at pin end with Merlin coming at them on starboard. Tobiko was over early, was able to drop back to clear, and stay clear of Merlin. Whew!

1031H: We are in sequence. The pin is in perfect condition. Not many people can do all that in 1.5 minutes.

1029H: With the size of our RC boats, the depth, and the type of ocean bottom when the anchor hits, holding firm is sometimes a challenge. Our pin boat has drifted a little, so their challenge is how quickly they can pull anchor, reposition, and then drop and guarantee a good hold.

1020H: The leg lengths for the multihulls will be 1.6 (4 legs), for the Phrf's 1.1 (6 legs for phrf 1,2; 4 legs for phrf 3). All bearings will be 050. It is our intention to start on time.

1015H: Wind is 050 now, so the shift is starting to show a little, but it is holding.

1008H: Half of the division has checked in. The courses are being discussed. The Multihulls will probably have 4 legs along with the phrf 3. The others will probably be 6 legs. We have dolphins on our start line, so it will be a good day

0946H: Our GPS location is N24 30.159, W081 45.331

0939H: We are seeing 055-060 at a little over 9k. There are occasional swings from 045 - 070. We are dropping our anchor now. Rush is here first as always.

0917H: For those who looked at yesterday's results and wonder about the RAF's in the multihull fleet, here is the story: There is an Addendum #4 that states that the multihull boats will have their own leaward mark. It was set up south of the gates and south of the race committee. This addendum was published and reviewed at the skipper's meeting.

However, there were two multihulls that forgot about that during race #1 and used the gate marks as their rounding mark. What is great about sail racing is how everyone polices themselves and always want to race honestly. The two race boats involved could have waited to be protested and then be possibly disqualified from that race.

Instead they continued racing and when they finished, they requested that they be considered retired for that race due to racing an improper course. I commend them for doing the right thing, for continuing to race and be competitive with their fellow racers. Let's hope they have a good day today!

0914H: It is a cooler day than yesterday out here on the water, but the temperature is to come up. The winds are to be pretty much the same as yesterday, and the direction will hold with a slide to the right if we continue to have no real clouds.

If the clouds come in, we will see the winds shift to the left and lighten. There is a little more chop out here, but it should still be nice flat sailing for the competitors.

0909H: Today is Sperry Day! Sperry has a new shoe out this year, the Ventus. Ventus means wind in latin. It comes in two styles and two colors. The sandal has a mesh upper with supportive straps. The full lace version also has mesh upper and lots of laces so you get a perfect fit.

Both styles of shoes come in men's and women's sizes. There is a regatta discount of $10 this week. And for off the water style, comfort, and durability, check out the sandal display. Sperry has always been a great sponsor of Premiere Race Week here at Key West, so check them out!

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1419H: All finished. Getting ready to send in info. Heading in!

1344H: Wind has lightened a little, down to 9k, so it will take them a little longer to get here at the finish.All boats have rounded the weather mark. There is beautiful, flat, sunny water. Hope crews remembered their sunscreen and sunglasses.

1342H: All boats in phrf3 have rounded the weather mark.

1333H: Our multihulls are coming windward to finish.

1330H: Chick Magnet, Phrf 3, a Kirby 25, has hit the leaward mark before they got their spinnaker down. They are doing their turns. Hard break

1307H: Wind is holding at 020 and about 10k

1301H: Posting Pictures!

1256H: It is a perfect sailing day, touch of white cap here and there. We have coasted around the fleet to set up for a windward finish. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the competitors, we are keeping well clear of the action.

1255H: last phrf 3 (#4 class act) rounded its weather mark.

1238H: First multihull is around the top end.

1233H: All starts are off and running. Since we have a windward finish, we are lifting anchor.

1226H: Winds are looking like 10-11 - perfect sailing weather. There are a few high stringy clouds, 72 degrees with a little wind chill. Weather is better than predicted. Life is sweet up on the fly bridge. I am on a Fleming 52' boat, Reflections - very nice to see all of the competitors, and comfortable.

1222H: Marinerscove was over early for phrf 1, but returned. Nice bunching of boats in the middle of the line.

1218H: The starts are happening. The first three fleets are doing 5 laps with 1.6 mile legs at a bearing of 020. The phrf 3 get 5 laps with 1.2 mile legs and 020 bearing. Wind has picked to 9 k. Current is slack. Starts should look good.

1217H: Okay, finishes are done, but it will take us some time to compute the distances since we are starting the next race. With two windard marks, two leward marks, and a course change, we get to do math.

1116H: First boats are coming down!

1109H: Coarse change at 022 being communicated to competitors as they sail.

Flight simulator is at the leward mark.

1107H: First multihull at leward mark. 52125 stark raving mad is first around the gate.

1104H: These shifts were predicted by our weather prognosticator, and an adjustment will have to made to the course. We are looking at a shift to a 022 for the course change.

1056H: All multis are around the windward mark. The first phrf 1 was with the multis. We get shifts to 030 and back to 020, winds gusting up a little to 9k with the shifts. This makes it challenging out on the water to handle these shifts and determine how long they will hold. RC is challenged to determine is a course change is warranted.

1053H: Class Act showed up with 30 seconds to go before their 5 minute sequence. Just in time! All boats have started. We have 29 boats. L'outrage was over early in Phrf 2, but came back. All other starts were clear. There was a little bit of current holding them back. We are seeing 7k at 020

1025H: Course board: First 3 fleets, course type 4, length 1.4, bearing 035, Phrf 3 is course type 4, length 1.0, bearing 035. Course type 4 is 4 legs. Course type 5 is 5 get the idea....We are only missing two boats - Dealer's Choice, a Corsair 28R, and Class Act a J24. We intend to start our sequence on time!

1016H: There is a 30 degree oscillation happening. It makes it challenging for everyone.
Today is Nautica watches day. Very nice timepieces, indeed!

1011H: The multihull boats have their own leward mark this year. The Phrf boats are still using a gate.

1000H: We had a practice day yesterday. I was impressed with how many boats were out on the water. Even with a rain squall passing through, there were at least 30 boats within sight. That practice will show today! Our GPS anchor is N24 30.247, W081 44.740

0950H: Seeing winds around 040-050. Rush is the first boat to check in. This is a tradition for them.

0945H: We are currently setting up to anchor.

0850H: Good morning. Division 3 is heading out to course. The water looks beautiful, flat water. Expected winds from N/NE and less than 10 knots. Temperature is currently 70, higher than expected.

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