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Note To Readers: The day's reports read from bottom to top. Look forward to upgrades for 2011 event coverage!




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January 22, 2010 - Industry Partner's Day

1431H: Key West Race Week Presented by Nautica is wrapping up and thank you for tuning in all week. If you enjoyed the reporting, please let the Premiere Racing Peeps know! Our on-the-water event reporters are volunteers dedicated to the sport of sailing.

We are ending the day with clear skies, a lovely breeze on the island and in the high 70s. Beautiful day and  exceptional event. Till next year, we still have Miami Grand Prix March 4th - 7th. Hope to see you - cheers!

1202H: Editing and viewing is not meshing well on my end - however, what little bites coming through from the Melges 32 circle on Kattack is interesting with a race between Red and Ramrod keeping the interest.

1035H: Last day and always room to play and today have the Kattack Live Viewing on the neighboring computer to see if we can add more color to the day... no promises!

1016H: The windy spirits of the shores of Key West are testing the patience of our weather expert and RC members. They are hoping to start all races on time. It's' important to note, this week has been a high pressure event for a few of our One designers. J/80s, J/105s, Melges 24s, and Melges 32s include this week as a mid-Winter championship regatta. The tent party will be an occasion for the top players.

0828H: An official welcome to the 5th and final day of Key West Race Week 2010 Presented by Nautica. It's the RC's intention to continue with two races for the day to complete the 10 race series. Weather Expert George is calling for winds in the 11-15 knot range and coming out of the SE with an afternoon shift to the SW and lightening. It will be sunny, hot and humid!

While we wait for the reporters to get into position, the mates in the office updating the event photo galleries are ooo'ing and ah'ing over yesterday's photos. It's amazing the level these photographers rise to in hopes to make everyone: "wish they where there."

0730H: Bitter sweet day. The sky is mostly clear and temps in the mid 70s and expected to reach the low 80s. We have a light breeze out of the South-Southwest and our weather boy George is predicting a light start to the day with more to come in the next hour.

The last day of the week is dedicated to our amazing group of industry partners who who are the glue to making this all possible. Special thank you to them all!

Blog Editor: Jennifer Langille

  January 21, 2010 - Lewmar Day!

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1532H: That's all folks! * Cue Loony Tunes Theme Song *

1437H: All divisions are done. The scorers are tucked away in their little closet, with the world tuned out as they turn around the results. There are a number of pending protest and some classes may see delays on their final results for the evening.

In race HQ we reached a high of 79, which felt like 89 in the trailer! Preparations are in the works for this evening's festivities and with just two more nights to play - come on down and enjoy the Mount Gay Rum and Regatta Ginger Beer while you can. Tent passes can be purchased by the HQ trailer.

1343H: Was steamy on shore and the water. Division 2 has wrapped up racing, but word from their reporter is the Jury Tent will be heating up from the day's protest.

1323H: Don't step away from your computer - race two is wrapping up fast for most of the classes.

1200H: The pace has dialed up and race one of the day already closing out for many of the sport boats. Will be interesting if any of the PROs make a call for an extra race if time allows and conditions support.

Back in HQ, it's a busy day as the Premiere Racing Peeps are starting to pack up and and lay the early bricks for  Miami Grand Prix.

1000H: Today is feeling more lively already with more active sea state already being reported in. Editor duties will be pumped up a notch since typing in lump seas is not the easiest task. If you all followed the last round of the Volvo Ocean Race you'll recall notes had the added color of entertaining typos to pair with the day's sailing conditions.

After our day's action wraps up, we will be revisiting the famous around the world race from 5-6pm under the Big Top with a showing of Spanish Castle To White Night. Premiere Racing staff, self included had the privilege of supporting the Boston Stop-over. Key West feels a lot easier after that amazing experience!

Enjoy the commentary and if in town, be sure to swing by the tent for tonight's entertainment.

0826H: The final word from our professional weather guru, "All Divisions will have good wind!" Those are words we like to hear. The flags are flying. The temps are rising and if the weather scoop is on the mark, all boats donning a Lewmar Winch Handle will put them to good use.

Winds will be out of the South | Southeast ranging from 11-14 knots and the occasional AM gust in the 20s, though easing off into the afternoon hours. We've been rest assured the afternoon breeze should still hold at 10 knots or more.

Race Committee intends to keep to the two race program and in the process of leaving the docks. Reporting will commence shortly.

0749H: Race Week staff and participants woke up to temps in the mid 70s and a sticky breeze from the South | Southeast. Broke out the tank top for the occasion, a shift in wardrobe after months of hiding out in the Mountains of Vermont. The sailors from the North will appreciate today's warm air, as do I!

The rumblings in race HQ is positive with official report in the next half hour. Off for the daily dose of Cuban espresso. Will be back before most of you boot up your lap tops.

Blog Editor:  Jennifer Langille

  January 20, 2010 - Mount Gay Rum Day!

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1540H: The day's racing has come to close and the race to the dock is on. We thank you all for joining us today and hope you'll tune in tomorrow for Day Four.

Signing off!

1522H: Division 2 and 3 have concluded racing for the day and Division 1 is wrapping it. Final results to be posted soon if not all ready.

1430H: Well folks, Race Four of this series is wrapping up. Mount Gay Rum will be flowing by the 6 o'clock hour and sailors will be one sip closer to recovery for another day of racing.

1310H: Are you  a Wave Maker? Just had a lovely visit with one of the Oceana Representatives to learn more about their role in sailing and the Ocean Conservation Yacht Club.

1223H: It's a gorgeous day on the water. The slight pause in commentary is due to our reporters filling in their other roles as score keepers. Unofficial finishes will be posted as they come in. Now's a good time to grab a quick bite to eat, hit the head, etc. As blog editor, the three divisions have taught me to take it easy on the hydration. They typically make it quite hard to break from the action till between races. Very much the same deal for our race participants.

0830H: This will surely be our best day of the week and if you are in Key West and not on the water, a great day to hit the beach or rent a boat. Our sailors will need their sun screen today as we expect clear skies, temps in the mid to upper 70s and a building breeze out of the South - Southeast.

Our Race Committee intend to host two races which will get underway at or around 1030H. Reporters are signing on and heading out. Today is Mount Gay Rum Day, curious to a count of Red Caps our photographers will see on-the-water today! The best to watch for our the faded pink caps - a sign of many Key West Race Weeks under  their belt.

Till the commentary get's underway, Race Week News is available online.

0745H: Day Three of Key West Race Week is opening up with aqua blue skies, temps in the 60s though quickly rising with the awakening sun. Commander's Weather guru George says, "this could be our pick of the week!" Official report to be posted after the 0800H. It's going to be good news

Blog Editor:  Jennifer Langille

  January 19, 2010 - Sperry Top-Sider Day!

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1430H: Brrr! I can feel the peeps in the North cursing me, but the breeze is out of the North and our low 70s have gone to low 60s and over-casted skies. For the residents of Key West - this is fleece weather!

All our staff are heading in. The Jury is warming up and we are wrapping up the day's blog. Race results will be posted as they sort out the various protests filtering through - check back later this evening.

Our photo galleries will be updated throughout the evening, in the meantime you can scan through Ken Stanek's Galleries which are updated as quickly as he uploads - which is pretty quick!

1324H: Race Three results are posted for most Divisions and Race Four for all classes are underway and nearing their end. Another picture perfect day, minus some cloud cover that has rolled into the race area.

0925H: And so the day is underway. Racing will begin in the next hour. As mentioned before, trips to the head, top off the beverage and grab a mid-morning snack. Our reporters have a day under their belt and anticipate an increase in the chatter.

0835H: Our Weather Man George will be chilling on Division 2 today and have given him an assignment to keep us well informed as the day progresses. His morning report prepped the PROs for the best breeze out of the NE in the AM with the potential for a left shift and lighter breeze by afternoon. Conditions will be light, similar to yesterday.

It is the RC's intention to host two races, which will be concentrated in the earlier part of the day, while the wind conditions are the most stable. The sun is shining and temps will be lovely. Our reporters are heading out now and the day's commentary will commence soon.

0745H: Another lovely morning here on the island of Key West. Sipping the AM java alongside Commander's Weather Guru George Caras. He shares, "light air but sailable day" as he scribbles notes down for our meeting with the "event skipper," Peter Craig and his PROs.

Current conditions are mostly clear skies with temps in the low 60s and expected to reach the low 70s. All in all, the day is similar to yesterday. If that's the drill, another beautiful day on the water for our participants and event staff.

Will report back after the hour with more detail in the on-the-water conditions, RC intentions for the day and maybe even a word from our day's sponsor - Sperry Top-Sider "A Passion For The Sea"

Blog Editor: Jennifer Langille

  January 18, 2010 - Nautica Watches Day!

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1500H: And so the day's story is nearly complete. The Jury is on stand-bye, waiting for boats to get in. We do have a few protest to sort-out. Check the Race Results page later in the day for final scores.

As for the day's reporting - we are wrapping up the blog and will resume tomorrow morning. Thank you for tuning in! Explore the Photo Galleries from our talented crew of shooters.

1345H: Second races of the day are winding down and we are bustling over the day's weather. It's gorgeous out.

We do have Race One results posted for Division 2 and more to come shortly. Preparations are underway for tonight's awards - the Nautica Watches are quite swanky. They will be the highlight of the evening. Their partners, Oceana will also be in attendance with excellent information about their relationship with Nautica and the value our sailing community plays in keeping it blue!

Another treat for the night, Regatta Ginger Beer is serving up a special drink for the evening. Worth a trip to the tent! I'm not going to spill the beans, sounds like the perfect recipe to end the day.

1155H: Another interesting fact about our reporters - they are active members of their division's RC. Talented crew! Keeping score, taking pictures, keeping us posted while bouncing about on the boat with laptops and radios in hand. I'm simply strapped to a couple computers back at HQ.

This is an important note, typically if there are delays in posting it's because they are in the middle of scoring, etc. Currently we have about a 60s delay from when they send me the info and it being published onto the site. We are dialed in folks!

1140H: Phew, the weather peeps have been warning us of a light day and lucky if we get 10knots of breeze or more. With that, we've seen 10knots and already wrapping up Race 1 of the series for a few of the classes. Shaping up to be a nice day!

1100H: Racing is underway! This is the point in the show were the real stars will be our on-the-water reporters and I their conductor/producer of sorts. At this moment there are orange blinking boxes across my screen with each writer sending me info as it occurs. Makes it hard to complete a sentence, but exhilarating as I too live the race through them.

If you arrive late to the show, please click on the header link for each division for a complete archive of the reports. We only show the most recent post on this page.

0910H: Our reporters are on-the-water and sending in their first status updates - sounds beautiful out there. May I suggest a few items before we get on with racing. Make sure your seat is comfortable. Stash some snacks and large glass of water to the side and within arms reach. Why? Because once the show starts, we update as fast as it happens and you will find it hard to walk away from the computer. Ooo...and a trip to the head  is a must. Do it now! Sure, you can read  it all later, but I promise you it's more fun to stay on top of the action!0815H: First announcements of the day will be at 08:30 and again at 0900 with the RC's intent to host two races. Our reporters will be leaving the docks soon with updates arriving as they fire up the laptops.

0815H: First announcements of the day will be at 08:30 and again at 0900 with the RC's intent to host two races. Our reporters will be leaving the docks soon with updates arriving as they fire up the laptops.Sailors can expect warmer temps, partly cloudy skies and if these clouds remain, looking at a N NNE breeze. They will want to watch this, if the clouds give way to clear skis, their breeze may shift left. Will be interesting and our reporters plan to keep us in the loop.

0745H: A lovely morning on Key West and all is calm at Race HQ. We are currently enjoying temps in the mid-60s, which are expected to rise into the low 70s. There's a light breeze out of the NE, anticipating to be a light day with more to report on weather after our 0800H meeting.

Till then, enjoy your morning brew, whichever that may be. I'm off to Harpoon Harry's for their fabulous Cafe Con Leche. If you are in town for the race, a stop not to be missed and located directly behind  Race HG on Caroline Street.

Blog Editor: Jennifer Langille








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