Division 4 - Corsair 28R, PHRF 3, PHRF 4, PHRF 5, PHRF 6       

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1459H: Phrf 4 - 68, Bad Girl in Race 7 picked up Hot Stuff's MOB and still won the race by 1:09 corrected!

In dockage sequence. Shutting down.

1420H: Division 4 signal boat is on their way in to shore. Thanks to all of our RC and sailing boats for making this so much fun!

1419H: Results are to shore.

1411H: 32 started, 32 finished. Just now.

1341H: 39 boats started the day. 32 will finish it, we hope. We haven't seen any issues, but we are a touch outside the action.

1339H: All boats are definitely on their last leg. Probably some of the crew is too.

1335H: Boats are heading to the finish - Corsair and Phrfs.

1310H: RC is heading windward to set up for the finish.

1253H: Race 8 is off and running. Course is a windward finish 7 legs at 1.4 for the corsairs; 5 legs at 1.4 for all phrfs 3, 4, and 5, 5 legs at 1.0 for phrf 6.

3316, pipe dream is out with mechanical issues.

56, Rum Cola, 53194, Bluto, 118, Overdo, 97757, Tribute are all heading home and throwing this one out.

Corsairs had one over early that returned - 132 Stategery

Bad Girl did not need another Bad Girl so they threw her back into the water here in front of the RC. Hot Stuff picked her back up, dried her off, put her back to work, and started racing with no further problems... well so far.

1154H: finishers coming

1147H: The third race is going to be the same as the first two, course-wise. The wind and direction are going to make it easy. I wonder if we can get in 4 races???

1145H: The wind is holding a 035, gusts to 19. Corsairs are heading to windward for their final lap.

1134H: Getting rough out there at the top end. Recovered MOB is okay. Bad Girl will probably finish with an extra man.

1133H: The boat that lost crew was 24, Hot Stuff. The member was picked up by 68 Bad Girl. Pipe Dream is out due to mechanical issues.

1130H: MOB at weather mark. Waiting for more info.

Man is onboard another boat.

1114H: 175 first corsair has rounded windward mark. 035 holding with 16-17k.

1112H: Buster 117 is major reefed and starting 7 minutes late. Better late than never!

1058H: All finished. 42, U Plane has mechanical issues. They finished and are done for the day. Gotta check my #s.

1022H: The course is holding. The corsairs are on their last run up; 11.5 minutes up, 7 minutes back. We will be setting up for finish in about 10 minutes. Our second race will be the same course as the first.

1012H: Temptress has had a major boo boo at the gate mark. On their side, spin taking them down, took them awhile to blow the sheet, and then get the halyard down. They called in to retire from the race. They will have this one as their gimmee.

1001H: All starts off. No over earlies. The wind and the current was holding them back. Condor was reefed and a little late. Temptress was late, but will make it up. Nice even start for phrf 4 and 5. Caribbean Soul is reefed and in second row. Most boats were hanging and then hitting the Go button.

0933H: High five is here. Going into sequence.

0928H: Not many missing - Corsairs Hi Five, Mr. Bill's Wild Ride, Instigator, and Rumblefisch. The last two have a tendency to be late. That is a good showing for the last day!

0924H: Mains are getting reefed across the course. The corsairs are checking in with a hoop and a hollar!

0903H: Course board:
6 4 4
1.4 1.4 1.1

0842H: I have to thank the Lewmar folks for my new winch handle. I get to try out one of the 8" one touch grab and goes for this season! Yep, I am getting that baby engraved with my name to make sure it doesn't wander too far when I get home.

The boats have found us!

0833H: We are seeing some white caps, 14k at bearing 040.

0830H: In our Corsair group, Flight Simulator got a few points after the hearing with Hot Ticket of PHRF 4. There was a collision while FS was in start sequence and HT had finished many minutes before.

0828H: We are dropping anchor around Location:
24 30.744
81 44.551
Come find us!

0818H: Go check out the results. We are going to be having multiple battles on the water; maybe not for first, but for some silver indeed. No day for slacking!

0809H: Bluto is another boat in PHRF 3. Those on the Chesapeake may know her as Dire Wolf.
She has retired to the south in style. Not only does she have new sails, but the crew informed me that she has new deck hardware, too!
It is good to see that good boats keep sailing with good owners.

0806H: Our PHRF 3 boats have Temptress leading the pack.
This boat, when not OCS and restarting, has been showing up at the finish a good 4 minutes before the next.
Yes they are the scratch boat at 66, but they have to be doing a lot of things perfect to be this good.

0800H: You have probably noticed we are up an hour earlier. Remember these are the things we do for fun! We are intending to do three races today, and with these conditions the boats are going to fly. We are out of the channel, few clouds, very little chop.

0753H: We are going to be setting up within a mile of where we were yesterday. Winds are predicted to be steady from the north/north east, 12-18k, high tide after 11, low tide after 4. Sounds like a pretty perfect day for sailing.

0749H: Sponsor: Today I'd like to thank our Key West businesses for all of their support.
There is nothing like a cup of coffee from Harpoon Harry's in the morning.
We had pizza at the Upper Crust last night and bacon, pineapple, and jalapeņo do go together!
So many B&Bs and hotels are housing the RC this week and each is excellent in their own way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Event Blogger Note...I would like to second the pizza choice of last night!

  Division 4 - Corsair 28R, PHRF 3, PHRF 4, PHRF 5, PHRF 6       

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24 Jan 2008

1721H: 50484 Temptress first over with a big gap.

1716H: Finishers are Here!

1713H: All classes have rounded the windward mark for the last time and doing their last downwind leg before coming up to finish. Division 4 is manning the tent tonight so be sure to give us some love!

1704H: This is the first time up for a windward finish. It is great to see the chutes pop up. Even with 12k and maybe a little more, the sets are looking pretty good. Some are delaying for the chute to get onto course before popping them up; some are popping them up as they go around. Just a normal, glorious day on the water!

1659H: Signal is setting up for the finish and maneuvering to drop anchor.

1654H: 50484 for Phrf B has just rounded the top end; starting leg 4. The corsairs are starting leg 5.

1642H: 197 for phrf 5 just rounded the windward mark. Signal boat is riding along with the Corsairs on their 3rd leg upwind, going a touch over 7k. There was a collision between corsair 64 and a keel boat while we were finishing, causing him not to start the second race.

1637H: The starts for both races have been fierce. Competitors have been fighting it out at both ends of the line. I think the PHRF 5 had an agreement to divide it up equally since there seemed to be a perfect line.

1626H: The last boat have started clean. We are lifting anchor for a windward finish.

1619H: The three way tie in PHRF 6 has been broken. Go check it out. We still have lots of wind and are in final sequence for the final class to start Race 5.

1618H: Race 4 is out there finished.

1609H: Due to the I over Z, 156 did go around the end and will still get 20%. 175 has yet to return.

1608H: Course for B-D is 5 legs, 1.3 miles, E is 5 legs 1.0 mile

1607H: Course was readjusted. Back into sequence.

156 and 175 Corsair were over early. Course for them is 350 degrees, 7 legs, 1.3 mile legs.

1603H: Corsairs had a general recall. They are under I over Z.

1515H: 156 corsair is coming down!

1509H: Corsairs are on their 5th leg and flying.

Rumblefisch did show up!

1505H: The R flag is flying. The winds are swinging around, but holding to the course. Winds are up to about 10-12

1500H: All started. Alll OCS came back. Phrf B - 49,24,50484 jumped, all others clear.

Corsairs had their first rounding.

1418H: The bearing is being set up for 340 so the gate is moving. The pin is being dropped. We are definitely preparing for a start. AP is coming down at 14:24. All boats are here, but Rumblefisch seems to be really late today.

1413H: Gate being set for 345. Wind is filling and stabilizing here at the signal boat.

1410H: We are seeing winds from 330 to 350 at the wind end and 00 - 015 at the gate.

Wind is holding at 5-7

1406H: The wind is not steady. Going from 030 to 370. Still in postponement to stabilize direction.

1405H: We are seeing puffs clocking to the left side. Seeing winds in the 7's.

1359H: May lower AP as soon as 14:09

The wind filling in from the other courses is heading our way!

1356H: We are some seeing wind here, but flat to shore where we would send them. Not falling for the sucker wind.

What we do get is 320 with little variation.

1350H: Caribbean Soul 2 is doing a little swimming. Or are they doing an extra scrub on the bottom?

1347H: Hot Stuff is the boat doing some fishing. Not catching much. SA Relentless boat has come by for a chat. They report the wind is multiple miles away. We are seeing 340 at less than 3 at weather 1.

1337H: One of the boats put out a fishing line. Check my photos to see if you can identify. Sending them in now.

Event Blogger they have a fishing permit???

1331H: 1:30 - we have gone into postponement. Too much sun; not enough wind.

1317H: At our wind axis of 320 the wind is dying on the course to flat water. The sun is causing the wind to go left and drop.

1304H: Course board:
6 4 4
1.0 1.3 1.0

1303H: Announcement: Day 4 - 40 minutes ago 320 at 8k, now shifted left and dropped. If conditions are good, we will start sequence at 13:30.

1256H: The first boats to show were One Up and Magic. Our last starters are raring to go!


24 30.701
81 43.922

1239H: We have yet to anchor but boats are finding us. The slight current should keep the boats back a little, but they will quickly adjust and be pushing the line as always.

1236H: The RC signal is hanging around a little over a mile southeast of where we were yesterday.

1224H: The winds and a PRO are in agreement to have two races. Slight oscillations. A little current going east.

1213H: Weather - 330, 7-8k, and 340 at 6k across our course. Sounds like a race to me!

1202H: The Division 4 RC is heading out. Cloudy with humidity mists. No waves.

1000H: Today is Lewmar day. They have a great new winch handle. I call it the Grab and Go. It is currently available as 10", but the 8" will be available at West Marine this week. I got to play with this handle at the Annapolis Boat show in Sept and I could not get it to fail. Being a smaller person and always having trouble with locking ones my boat owner has promised me an 8" for this season!

  Division 4 - Corsair 28R, PHRF 3, PHRF 4, PHRF 5, PHRF 6       

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1225H: Abandoning for the day. Bummer. We wanted to be able to choose the boat of the day from Div 4.

1215H: Downloading photos. We are having lunch while watching the boats use every bit of light wind knowledge they have.

1211H: All started. Some OCS's, but all came back. My photos are beautiful; perfect sun, perfect water, but don't look at the tension of the halyards.

1139H: Rumblefisch and Leading Edge are here.

1136H: 11:39 intent to drop for the corsairs A - 6 bearing 170, 1.0, B-D 4 bearing 170, 1.2, E 4 1.2 ****Correction E is 4 legs distance 1.0

1116H: Susan says the Farr are tempting Div 1 by flying around with their chutes up. They are not taking the bait since the wind is 3.5k

1049H: A parasailor is out. He must be getting a great view!

1042H: Predator and Instigator are here. Still under AP and waiting. Breeze will kick up a little and then go away just as we start to get our hopes up.

1030H: Check-ins - All corsairs, phrf 3, and 5 are here. We are missing Leading Edge, Predator from Phrf 4, and Instigator and Rumblefisch from PHRF 6. Hoping they will appear.

1027H: Boats are tooling around the area under sail and spinnaker, but it looks like a nice day sail outing not a race day. I know that the second a signal sounds, the game will be on!

Division 4 will be going to AP in five minutes. Seeing at weather 155 - 175, from 2.4k to 4k; not good racing weather. Will wait for good and fair racing weather. A five minute warning to the lowering of the AP will be announced on the radio.

1014H: It is so nice not to have the rollies and the rain, but the price we pay is less wind. We are starting to feel it fill in, but the clouds are break-in up, so we hope it will gather enough to start without too much of a delay.

Boats are tooling around the area under sail and spinnaker, but it looks like a nice day sail outing not a race day. I know that the second a signal sounds, the game will be on!

1006H: Announcement out to the fleet - intention to run two races. We have weather people positioned all over the course and the Keys. We are seeing wind coming from the southwest.

Course board:
6 4 4
1.0 1.3 1.0

0954H: Location:
24 31.481
81 44.434
Winds reaching 6k to the south and heading this way.

0939H: flat water, Wayne, and a dorsal. The boats are coming in nicely.

0934H: We have had a school of dolphins just show up as we are drifting and checking wind. The took a look and moved on. We are seeing 140/120 at 3.5 - 4k with variations of directions as these lower clouds go by.

0929H: The dolphins have found us!!

0845H: Sponsor: Today is Mt. Gay day. If you want to add a touch of the Barbados to any meal splash in a little Mt. Gay while you are cooking.
It goes great in a Jambalaya or in any dish.

I keep mine in the freezer so I don't have to add ice to my mix.
For those in the 'chillier' areas, a cup of Earl Grey with some Mt. Gay in it won't cure what ails you, but will make you feel better.

L'Outrage story - I heard from a witness on another boat who saw the mast break that he first saw a shroud and turn buckle part company.
That started the breakdown. The winds have been stressing all of the boats this week, so make sure to double up on your maintenance checks.

Summary of yesterday: It was an exciting day on the water. Race #2 was great for us, but a little hairy.
It shows some great race management when you can get 4 of the 5 fleets finishing all mixed together.
We finished at least 15 boats in 1.5 minutes and had no problem with the times or the order.
The Division 4 crew is great and perfection is the norm for us; we know you all expect nothing less.

  Division 4 - Corsair 28R, PHRF 3, PHRF 4, PHRF 5, PHRF 6       

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1513H: No real clusters on the finish. Nice and easy. Results are on shore. We are lifting anchor to come home. Sorry for lack of photos due to being busy.

1439H: 50484 first finisher with a big gap. Expecting clusters again.

1422H: 491 Magic lost the bolt that holds the rudder onto the boat. bummer.

1419H: Race 2 has been submitted, During race 2 "Hot Stuff", a hobie did retire after starting. We saw someone up the mast...

1357H: 491 retiring with rudder issues.

1344H: On the 2nd race L'Outrage broke their mast at the spreader up on the windward end. 73456

Race 3 Course board
6 4 4
1.4 1.4 1.0
bearing 100

51 and 56 will be dnc for race 3

1336H: 2nd race is going to take me some time to review all sheets. We had 15 boats finish in 1 minute. Wild. With this crew it will be easy to guarantee the data is right but we are running audio and getting data from the pin who also recorded.

1331H: Corsairs starting 3r race. Filled the entire start line. One 185 was shut out at the pin end. Wow!

1305H: setting up was windy work fist corsair 50484

1258H: finishers are coming. whew...

1252H: Race 1 has been reviewed and is ready for posting.

1249H: RC is watching the boats all over the course.

1245H: 95 -100 wind direction , 12-18 knots for this second race

1225H: sending photos of finish and last start; boats OCS but returned were 484, 8, 52665

1219H: Course board:
6 4 4
1.4 1.4 1.0

1216H: second start Loutrage got blocked at the start

1200H: starting another sequence - all finishers are in.

1133H: all Corsairs in 64 first. next bunch coming

1122H: Wind is holding pretty constant 080. Boats are all over the course, but sailing within a narrow lane. First phrfs are coming down. Pretty as always when the spins are up.Class E - phrf 6 around up top, Corsairs coming to finish

1113H: class E - phrf 6 around up top

1108H: Wind is holding pretty constant 080. Boats are all over the course, but sailing within a narrow lane. First phrfs are coming down. Pretty as always when the spins are up.

1101H: Only RollOBoat did not start. Tribute had the best start. Current kept the boats back from the line. Bunch up at the pin for the Phrf 4 start. Corsairs were rounding during the phrf 6 start. Fifty-fifty corsair had a challenge and ended up near the start, but cleared in plenty of time.

1028H: Phrf 6 - Caribbean Soul 2, Wildwood Flower, RollOBoat are late and not seen yet; everyone else is here. Start sequence will happen. Our final bearing is 085.

1020H: check in - all corsairs, phrf 3, phrf 4 are here - 117 Buster has chosen to go in; still looking for a few for phrf 5 and 6. Checkin photos being posted. Are your boys here?

0951H: Course board:
6 4 4
1.0 1.4 1.0

0936H: Weather - 070 - 065
10 - 12k
Clouds are causing shifts as always we are anchored. We are at location
24 31.544
81 44.954

0930H: Sponsor: Today is Sperry day. They were kind enough to give me a shirt so I can advertise during check-ins.
Their new booties are very interesting with a great looking tread design. Any small boaters or multi sailors should check them out.

0919H: Bob story - Mike Ironmonger and his crew will not be out; All were safe, only the mast went and no sails were damaged.
Bob Fleck, Horizon - S2 7.9 owner, offered to help install a replacement should one be found. He wants the competition.

Since I compete against Mike at home in Solomons, MD, I was hoping to watch him from RC to figure out how to beat him!

0914H: less rough; windward seeing 090 and pin seeing 8k; still raining; seeing boats heading toward their courses with spinnakers; much different than yesterday.

  Division 4 - Corsair 28R, PHRF 3, PHRF 4, PHRF 5, PHRF 6       

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1251H: Abandoning racing

1233H: Broken mast for Bob - my home boys, just happened in front of committee boat, all crew on board -broke two places, spreaders and deck level, crew look ok

1218H: seas are really choppy windward and we just got hit with a 6 footer

1153H: We are seeing 080 at > 20 knots

1128H: It's reported the Stock Island racers are itching to get out!








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