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1456H: Just finished the last Division 2 boat-- Sending in the results files now---- KW 2008 is now complete. Complete results and news on this website. See you all next year!

1352H: Numbers did the last leeward leg (2.57nm) in 12 minutes. Average of 12.58 knots VMG

1328H: Div 2 Signal boat is now underway and heading up to the top of the course to set a finish line. So far no course changes.

1313H: A classes are on the course for the final race------ Wind is giving hints of going right but not enough to adjust the second weather leg. Numbers coming through the gate now.

1252H: Race 7 is in the books-- Warning signal for the final race 8 is in 3 minutes- Class A/2.7nm/Course 5 (WGWGF)/035--- Classes B-E/1.5nm/Course 5/035
IRC1 is on the course racing in Race 8. The Swan 42's had a general recall- getting ready to restart them.

1127H: All competitors on Division 2 are on the track--- we have had a handful of boats retire---- IRC1 is on the first downwind leg approaching the gate.

1101H: Warning for Class A (IRC1) has been raised. Class A 2.3nm/Course 4/035--- Classes B-E 1.6nm/Course 4/035- 4 minutes to the first start of Race 7

1048H: Classes A-D are finished--- Sending Pics

1024H: The breeze is making for some interesting sail handling for some boats---- Numbers is 1/2 way down the last leg ----- Will finish in a few minutes---- We will be turning the fleet around as soon as possible to take advantage of these great sailing conditions!

0959H: All classes on Div 2 off clean--- Numbers shredded a kite but got a new one hoisted and will be first to the gate.

0948H: Classes A, B and C are off clean--- breeze up over 20 now-- same direction--- 040-- Seeing some #4 jibs ---

0932H: Warning signal has been set- We are on time and will start Class A in 5 minutes

0921H: About 10 minutes to the first warning---- setting up the course with an 040 bearing--- WM1 @ 2.3nm-- WM2 @ 1.6nm-- Course 4 all classes (W-G-W-F)

0907H: Sea state is increasing as the breeze now has been blowing long enough to get some wave action going. 3-4 feet is about the average wave height now.

0902H: Nothing new to report other than we continue to take wind readings (Steady 040 @ 18 -21 kts) and getting the weather mark boats in position to set the marks. Skies are clear indicating a steady breeze that is expected to shift about 20 degrees to the right later today.

0844H: Boats are starting to check in--- Hoisting mainsails and generally getting ready for the brio\sk 18 - 20 kt breeze that has settled in. We are working on the first gate mark and taking wind readings from across the course.

0817H: We are anchoring as we speak--- Conditions now are fantastic for some good sailboat racing. Wind Direction is 40 Degrees @ 16 kts.

0744H: Div 2 Signal boat is on the water. The sun is rising now to the east and there is a good breeze out here on the course. Relatively clear skies- 14 - 16 kts of wind from the NE. Good sailing conditions for the last day of racing.

  Division 2 - IRC 1, Swan 42, PHRF 1, IRC 2, PHRF 2

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24 Jan 2008

1752H: Ok all done done for the day--- Looking like a nice sunset as we head in---- Racing begins 1 hour earlier tomorrow with the warning at 0930--- 18-25 knots expected so we should have a shot a getting 3 races in----- See you all tomorrow--

1740H: Div 2 has one more boat to finish in about 3 minutes and then we are done for the day. A few protest flags were flown------ About 30 minutes of daylight left ----- a great day on the water--

1714H: The Swan 42's had a great finish with 5 - 6 boats crossing the line within 20 seconds of each other---- Good Stuff

1706H: IRC1 Class is all finished----- The TP 52's were all pretty close-- Windquest was first TP52 followed by Samba 3 seconds later.

1658H: The top 25' of Numbers' headstay foil is shredded- will post pics soon---HF across the line first.

1651H: No action on Numbers' foredeck-- still sailing under main only- Highland Fling leading the pack boat for boat now.

1648H: Numbers sailing up the last half of the final leg under mainsail only at the moment--- Highland Fling closing in --

1641H: Div 2 Signal has now set up shop on the top end of the course and laying a finish line for a windward finish------ Conditions still consistent--

1633H: Another fair test underway-- smooth water--- 11-13kts of breeze @ 350 Mag.-- a little sunshine---- good times

1617H: OK----- All competitors on div 2 are on the track------ Class A is through the first gate with a Charlie Flag posted with the new heading of 350 Mag. to their new WM---

Div 2 Signal boat is getting underway to set up up top for the windward finish line.

1552H: The Swan 42 General Recall is allowing us to move classes B-E to the new wind direction of 350. Those classes have been informed-- going back into a starting sequence for the rest of the classes.

1549H: He Swan 42 class had a general recall- we are restarting them now--- Wind has shifted right---- dealing with that as well----

1533H: We are reset-- The R flag has been lowered-- Ready for the3 warning- Course 5 all classes (WGWGF)-- Bearing 330- 2.1nm Class A - 1.3nm Classes B-E

1529H: The fleet is now all finished--- we have a new course set-- a slight delay as an IRC1 boat sailed too close to the PLB and severed the anchor line

1453H: OK--- Up top I go to finish the fleet with the scorers----- will be back as time permits--- Conditions are still fabulous----------

1450H: Numbers is around the final top mark heading back to the finish. We are setting up to finish most of the fleet before we post a warning signal for race 2 today (race 5 in the series)--- We anticipate setting a 5 leg course with a windward finish--- be back in a few

1446H: Beautiful flat water sailing conditions with a fair test for the fleet---- a welcome relief--- who whud-da thought!

1444H: In PH1 the J125 is through the gate with an approx. 90 second lead over the bright orange Farr 36.

Wairere is the next boat about 20 seconds after that.

1442H: IRC1 and the Swan 42's are through the gate--- no course change as the breeze is steady in direction and velocity. We anticipate starting the IRC1 and Swan 42's while we are finishing the other 3 classes so we can get 2 races in today.

1432H: PH2 Off with 3 boats OCS who all re-started. All competitors on Div 2 are no racing-- Pics coming over.

1428H: Breeze is up to 12kts in the puffs---- wind direction 325 - 335

1427H: IRC2 is now racing-- Le Renard (Farr 40) OCS -- returned right away and is on the course.

1421H: PH 1 off and all clear--- 2 more starts and I will send in some nice pics---

1413H: IRC 1 is on the track-- 3 boats OCS- Crackers, Russal and Mayhem--- all re-started and proceeding up the first weather leg in a nice 8 knot breeze.

The Swan 42' are off clean in a well contested start with the entire fleet on the line Farr 40 style---- conditions right now are fantastic---- better than expected mopre breeze coming in.

1408H: Going topside to help call the line and get some pics-- BRB

1405H: Warning for Class A has been displayed----- We are in a sequence---

1403H: Now going with a 330 heading as things stabilize---- Warning in 3 minutes

1400H: We are now going with a 325 heading-- Course 4 all classes (W-L-W-F)- Warning Signal @ 1405--- 1.7nm Class A--- 1.3nm Classes B-E

1354H: We are positioning both WM1 and WM2 (Weather Marks 1 and 2) for a 340 direction @ 1.7nm and 1.3 nm. With the wind filling in we are going for 2 races today. We intend to go with a warning signal at 1400 or so. We have just informed the fleet.

1349H: We are setting up the gate as we speak and will go to work on the starting line as things are looking the best they have in 2 days-- stay tuned.

1345H: We are now seeing 7 - 8 knots, the best velocity of the day. Many boats are sailing now doing some light air tuning. Most mainsails being hoisted.

1341H: We are being teased again with another light breeze floating in--- Both Div 1 and 2 Signal Boats are seeing the same.

1318H: Well- We are in the sweet spot as the weather guys are saying that the time period for a breeze to develop is from 1300 - 1500 which we are in now. We are prepared to start a race as late as 1600 to get something in the books if it is a quality race. BRB.

1309H: Ok-- A breeze is starting to develop again----- let's see if this builds into a situation where we can run a fair test. Still too spotty to initiate anything----- patience!

1305H: Even though the wind has dropped out the weather experts on our course are encouraged as with the clearing and sun this turn of events was expected. They still expect a breeze to fill in this afternoon. Stay Tuned!

1302H: Our Port Line Boat (Starting line)- A Caesar P850 reported a new top speed today heading out to the starting area--- 56 Knots--- Twin Honda 225's

1254H: Things have gone flat again with the wind dropping out----- Looking to see what comes in again here---- a waiting game-----

1238H: We are anchored and on station now continuing to record wind readings. Boats are starting to check in now- the sun is threatening to break through--- things are looking encouraging as they develop.

1212H: At the starting area we are seeing winds of 6 knots from 320- good news

1204H: We are heading SW on our way to the starting area for a northerly wind. Skies overcast and gray. Smooth seas. The good news is that the wind pattern on the water appears consistent and stretches as far as the eye can see.

1131H: Flags still flying in the harbor. We have some mark boats out on the course taking wind readings---- will know in the next 10 minutes if we are leaving the dock before noon.

1129H: Flags are beginning to fly a little bit here dockside-- Direction from the north. Visibility improving slightly---- hopefully will continue to develop.

0833H: Good Morning KW Race Fans---- We are under the AP-- Postponed this morning as there is not a breath of air. The weather experts say that an afternoon breeze may fill in and we will start a race as late as 4pm due to the conditions week to date. Tomorrow looks brisk as another cold front is passing through bringing 20+ knot winds with it.

The RC has posted an amendment for tomorrow--- racing will begin 1 hour earlier (0930) so that we can get at least 2 and possibly 3 races in to finish the week.

The AP this morning will be lowered no earlier than noon. I will be back @ 1130 with an update- have a great morning!


  Division 2 - IRC 1, Swan 42, PHRF 1, IRC 2, PHRF 2

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23 Jan 2008

1159H: We are going cancel racing for today-- things have basically glassed off-- with the weather gurus that are on the course telling us that any chance of racing today would be now.

Any wind that develops would be from the northeast and very light at best we are told. AP over A has been displayed - back to the harbor for an afternoon lay day.

See you all tomorrow-- hopefully will have better sailing conditions to report and more racing to do.

1152H: Things have gone flat again--- winds have dropped out with Sand Key reporting 4 kts. Decision time on racing today will be noon it appears.

1146H: More of the same--- just a smidge more velocity and we can get things started----- Wind still 150 - 160 degrees @ 4 - 6 kts.

1125H: Starting to see the wind increase to 6 kts across the course. Many boats sailing which is a good sign. Wind readings from top to bottom of our course are consistent.

We are relocating about a 1/4 mile to windward to get across a tide line- as well as into some better breeze there.

1057H: Winds are settling into the 150 degree range at 3 knots. At least the direction is consistent now--- just need some velocity to kick in.

1038H: Sand Key is reporting winds of 7 kts at 130----- so that is encouraging for possibly getting a race off--- hopefully that wind will spread across the course for a couple of hours.

We are under AP at the moment as starting a race in the present conditions is not an option. Will see what develops.

1022H: We are relocating to the North East--- as is the 120 - 140 degree wind fills in for a fair test we need more water for the big boats to the south. There are some shallow areas that we need to avoid course placement wise.

1013H: The 120 degree wind is trying to fill in--- slow progress--- the sky is clear so that is a good sign.

1003H: Seeing a wind line approaching us- 120 degree wind at 4 kts-- with another wind-line behind that

0954H: We are on the course now taking readings of winds less than 3 knots from multiple directions. Will see what develops over the next 60 -90 minutes.

0845H: Div 2 Signal has left the dock heading out to the race course to see what the conditions are. Light and variable for now. Sunny and relatively clear skies. Visibility is good. Can see the Sand Key Tower from the harbor channel entrance.

  Division 2 - IRC 1, Swan 42, PHRF 1, IRC 2, PHRF 2

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1628H: Div 2-- Race 3 is in the books. All competitors are finished and heading into the harbor. The breeze freshened for the final beat making for a good test up the final leg of the track. See all you race fans tomorrow. Enjoy the pics!

1610H: via cell "Almost done, about 10 more boats to finish" ~ Steve Washburn

1526H: Wind the lightest it has been all day. Numbers on her final leg. Going up top to finish the boats for its final race 3 today. Will be back when we have completed finishing the fleet.

1502H: All boats in classes B-E have rounded their weather mark (WM2) for the first time and are heading to the gate. Class A boats are heading towards their weather mark (WM1) for the second time with Numbers leading the way.

1438H: All classes are off and racing-- no OCS's-- Wind backing off to 10 - 12 kts or so. Windward finish this race so anchors aweigh for us and a cruise to the top of the course to set a finish line.

1411H: Going topside to start the race-- 4 minutes to go-- see u in 25 minutes

1408H: Race 3 sequence has started---- Wind 100- Course 5 A-E ----- 2nm for the A Class---- 1.5nm for B-E

1402H: Race 2 is in the books-- setting up for race 3 as we speak-- 3 minutes to the warning...

1325H: Numbers and Highland Fling approaching the finish-- gotta go to work!

1317H: Halfway through Race #2-- things looking good to getting a race 3 off--- Wind is steady @ 095 now-- 12- 16 knots of breeze-- no course changes at present

1259H: Race 2 is underway-- all starts clean-- conditions staying consistent- Numbers presently approaching the first gate.

1228H: Div 2 is now in the starting sequence for Race #2- All Classes course 4- 095 degrees- Class A 2.0nm- Classes B-E 1.5nm

1220H: All classes finished now in Race One---- Breeze strengthening--- setting up for race 2

1130H: We are shortening the last 2 legs for class A only--- bringing the weather mark in slightly. They will be notified at the last gate mark.

1123H: Race 1 Update- Winds are shifting left and going down in velocity. Sky is still overcast but no rain for the moment. Nothing dramatic just a good sailboat race in decent conditions-- a fair test.

1109H: We are now changing the bearing for all classes to 075.

1106H: We are posting a course bearing change for Class A as they approach the first gate- 075 Numbers is the first boat through

1058H: All classes on Div 2 started clean-- all competitors on the track.

1033H: We are in our starting sequence- I am going topside to go to work

1023H: Race 1 Class A Course 6 2.3 nm 095 Classes B-E Course 4 1.5nm 095 We are standing by ready to start the race on time

1017H: Div 2 Signal 1015 Transmission to Competitors: Welcome to day 2 Acura Key West 2008 presented by Nautica- Today is Sperry Topsider Day. Our intent is for 2 -3 races today. Cruise Ships are leaving the harbor at 1400 and 1700- Please keep clear. There is a weather debrief tonight at the tent by Commanders Weather. Awards ceremony tonight under the tent at 1845.

1005H: 1000 Report- Steady Rain again-- seas 2 - 4 feet. 10 - 14 kts @ 080-- Competitors are tuning up and gearing up for the 1030 warning signal.

0925H: Div. 2 has set up shop at 24 30.344N x 081 51.687W. Wind @ 080 degrees 12 -14 kts. Overcast skies. 2 - 4 ft waves.

0907H: The rain has stopped and the skies are breaking up to the East. Along with that the wind is picking back up with whitecaps appearing.

0859H: Division 2 Signal Boat is underway @ 0835 on our way to the staging area. Light rain with grey skies, Wind from the east.
As expected the rain has dampened the wind and seas for the moment. We are just past Fort Taylor and this are quite benign.

  Division 2 - IRC 1, Swan 42, PHRF 1, IRC 2, PHRF 2

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"Being a sport boat class, REALLY excited to get out there today" ~ crew of Farr36 "Juggernaut"

1252H: Abandoning races

1247H: Conditions are deteriorating with conditions breezing up we are pulling the plug on racing today

1235H: Looking at a breeze of 22-24 kts with an 080 wind direction, Starting line and Gate are set-- doing a few wind checks and then we are good to go

1150H: We are 1 NM from the starting area-- 19 - 24 kts of wind- 070 degrees-- 4 to 5 ft waves (S.Washburn)

1133H: We are 1 mile south of KW and the conditions are very favorable for racing (S.Washburn)

1127H: Signal boat is on it's way to the starting line!








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