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25 Jan 2008 Day 5

1600H: Back at the dock. We had a spectacular end to the week. Couldn't have asked for better weather today. Don't forget to come to the tent tonight for the awards. Thanks all and hope to see you again next year.

1512H: We are finished for the day and heading in. A few protests and reports of penalty turns so I can give any final standings yet. The scoring office has all the data. Preliminary scores should be posted soon. The race committee is protesting the boats that hit committee boats causing damage and 2 lost anchors and tackle. The race committee will also support a redress for Joe Fly - Farr 40.

1441H: We just got calls from Paul Cayard on Warpath and Adien Stead on Mascalzone Latino thanking the race committee for a great week! The race committee thanks them for sailing here at KWRW.

1424H: We are setting up an upwind finish. Things will start happening shortly. Winds have lightened a bit.

1403H: Farrs are going down 2 nd leeward then come upwind for the finish. Melges and M30s have a way to go.

1336H: we have raised the anchor and heading up to the top pf the course - setting up for a windward finish. the Farrs just rounded the gate.

1321H: Race 8 has started for all 3 classes.

1251H: Farr 40 Darkside just hit the signal boat and did some damage. He tried to squeeze in too tight. No excuse for a maneuver like that.

Finishing the Melges

We have finished race 7 and starting race 8 immediately.

The race committee is protesting Farr 40 Darkside for hitting the signal boat causing damage.

1213H: The Farrs have rounded the top mark and are headed down for the finish. Should take about 5 minutes at this speed.

1137H: We had another boat get tied up with the port line boat's anchor. Had to cut it again. Ninkasi, a Melges 32 got caught and again they had to cut the anchor line. Now we are trying to find another spare anchor. They better get the divers out here.

1132H: We just started the M-30s so we have a break for a little while. Lots of action out here today.

1113H: 3 minutes to the Farr start. wind is 15 with gusts to the mid 20s. seas around 3-4 feet.

1110H: lots of halyard jams, we are showing wind gusts to 28.

1106H: A M-30 had a major knockdown right on the finish line. She was laying over on her side.

1105H: Just dropped Romeo. We are going into sequence.

1103H: We just finished the last Farr - way back after all the Melges finished. 4 or 5 of the Melges had jammed spinnaker halyards at the finish and couldn't get the sails down. It got pretty messy.

we are going into sequence right away

1039H: Twins is the first Farr with a commanding lead over the rest of the fleet. At least a 2 minute lead. Nice job Twins.

1028H: Here come the Farrs. We see the first Farr chute coming down on the last leg of this race. It looks like Twins.

1023H: The M-30 are rounding the gate.

1016H: Star is the lead Melges at the gate with Pegasus right behind him. Many of the Melges overstood the gate - it looked like they were having too much fun screaming along under spinnaker.

1014H: The Melges are on their way to the gate. It won't be long at their speed.

1007H: At the Melges start, bow 57, Black River Racing got tangled in the port line boat's anchor line. RC had to cut the anchor line to avoid further damage. We had a spare anchor on the signal boat which we transferred. I hope there's a diver around to retrieve the anchor from the bottom.

Mean Machine and Twins are rounding the gate at about the same time, both at the same side of the gate.

We are signaling a course change for the next weather leg - 035.

1004H: Farrs are about 3 minutes from the gate. They are FLYING!

1000H: wind is shifting - looking like 035 - considering a course change for next upwind leg.

howdy from Tom, Jeanne and Jeff in the scoring trailer. Just can't wait to score three races today!!! see pic!

0931H: Fantastic wind today. We'll have some very exciting racing. Boats have been screaming back and forth around the starting area. The Melges under chutes are surfing. Gate rounding will be spectacular.

Farr warning just sounded.
Going on deck to snap some pictures

0917H: Farr weather mark 2.0 miles and short weather mark is 1.8 miles.

0914H: We are setting a #4 course - bearing 045.

0840H: We are on station at 24 29.507N and 81 54.056W. It is gorgeous out here. Wind is a steady 18 with 2-3 foot seas with some white caps. Visibility is very clear.

0759H: I jut got confirmation from PRO Kenny that we will have 3 races today.

0756H: ditto to Joy's comment on the hospitality of the businesses here in Key West. The accommodations at the Southernmost Hotel were superb and bagels and fresh squeezed orange juice at West Marine was a treat every morning.

0747H: Good Morning, Race Fans, Susan here on the signal boat for Div 1. We are now leaving the dock. Early start this morning. It looks like a glorious day for sailboat racing! Good winds and lots of sunshine. Our first gun will be an hour earlier today. We're planning 2 races today and it looks like the wind will cooperate. More later.

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24 Jan 2008 Day 4

1814H: This was quite a day from a race management perspective. We had more flags flying than the United Nations. Our mark boats and gate boats were hauling up marks and re-setting as fast as they could. There will be some pretty tired mark boat puppies tonight.

1812H: The signal boat is at the dock. I will keep trying to post more pictures of today's action. Our file transfers were slow today - alot of files going back and forth. I will also try to post some video clips of the starts of race 4 for the three classes.

1805H: The results have been sent to the scoring office. Many protest flags and reports of penalty turns, so we will have to wait until after the hearings or arbitration to find out the final scores.

1718H: Farrs coming up to the finish. It's almost over. And the winner is................ ? Lot's of protests!

1714H: We couldn't have asked for a better end to this day of sailing. The conditions turned out perfect. I'm sure this is going to make for some happy sailors. The party tonight is starting later than usual since we didn't start racing until after 2 PM. Trophies awarded at 8 in the tent tonight. We should have some pretty exciting results.

1707H: We are setting up for an upwind finish.

1643H: ok, Farr 40 Nimbus just wrapped their bow around the port gate mark -- not a pretty sight.

1621H: 5 boats over early in the M30 class.

1616H: Starting race 5 for the Melges. Lot's of yelling at the line. very aggressive starts, close - but all clear. The M30 start is next 30 to the prep signal

1604H: Starting the Farrs while finishing the M-30s

1543H: first three Farrs to cross are Twins, Mascalzone Latino, and Nerone

1526H: We will be finishing the Farr 40s in about 10 minutes. Getting set up with a new line. Things are hopping here on the signal boat.

1519H: Well Race Fans, this is what we have been waiting for all week. The sun is out, the wind is 12 knots and we are going to have a second race today. Moving our line.

1507H: Sun's coming out. The Melges 32s are about 5 minutes from the gate.

1503H: Leading Farr 40s are now approaching the gate. Breeze is about 12 knots now. It looks like Twins will be the first to the gate followed by Mascalzone Latino and then Nerone. Very close fleet at the gate.

1459H: All three classes have started. Farrs were all clear at the start. Several Melges and M-30s were OCS at the start, but cleared.

Breeze has filled in nicely and we are contemplating lengthening the course by 2/10 of a mile. That will mean one race today.

1423H: starting the race for Farrs. probably just one race today.

1408H: Wind up to 8 knots with a narrower range of variability - about 20 degrees rather than 40 degrees. Average direction is 335.

1404H: We are moving to set a line so the windward marks don't interfere with the Div 2 course. We have enough wind for a race.

1351H: direction - 310-350. still waiting for it to settle more. Weather one reports that what looks like flat spots with no wind is actually seaweed.

1348H: We are seeing 6 knots now and waiting for the direction to settle. Starting to set line and course. Weather one is seeing 6+ knots. Weather seeing 4.8 at 320, but says he is in a little hole right now. This is looking good.

1346H: We are starting to get some activity. Boats are hoisting mains and starting to sail a bit.

1307H: Seas are glassy, but our weather mark boats are reporting 4.5 knots and filling back in. The sky is lifting and with improved visibility. We are setting the anchor and getting ready for the breeze to fill in. We are optimistic.

1258H: competitors arriving and checking in.

1252H: We are relocating the signal boat .3 miles to the north with the hope of slightly better wind. Seas are very flat so it's easy to read the wind on the water. Lot's of dead patches. Kenny says that at this point we can't predict an estimated start time with this kind of breeze. Div 4 is seeing 6-7 so we are hoping it comes our way.

Right now our weather mark one boat reports less than a knot of breeze.

The wind has completely crapped out.

1216H: Weather one is reporting breeze from 320 at 5 knots. Waiting for the breeze to get down here to the signal boat.

1212H: Good Afternoon Sailors. The Division One signal boat is now out in the course circle looking for the best place to set up. We are seeing about 5 knots out here coming from the northeast. Keep you fingers crossed.

1136H: Just got the word that the AP will drop at noon and the race committee boats will head out to the course. Winds are still very light at about 2 knots.

We just fired up the engines and are preparing to leave the dock.

1135H: We are leaving the dock now and heading out tot he starting area.

1130H: The battle flags a fluttering a bit more. The true wind reading on the signal boat is still around 2-2.5 knots. Keep praying to the wind gods.

1022H: The battle flags on the competitors boats are barely moving. We have big fat pelicans sitting on the dock pilings looking for their lunch.

1019H: We are still under the AP and will be until noon. At that time we'll hear an announcement from Race Headquarters. Keep praying for wind.

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23 Jan 2008 Day 3

1231H: sailors will be sailors - just saw a guy try to barefoot water ski behind a Melges 32. he didn't get too far before he sunk. The crew pulled him back in the boat.

1207H: well we just had our excitement for the day - a man overboard drill to rescue a shoe.

1158H: We just hoisted N over A and signaled 3 horns - no more racing today. Back to the barn

1151H: We had a max wind speed of 5 at 1120 from one weather mark boat. Now at 1150, it's back down 2 knots. Ugh!

1134H: We have moved and getting ready to set up a line. We still need another 2 knots to start. Weather mark boats getting ready to drop marks.

1113H: Some of the Farrs are sailing with chutes and able to keep them full. Tacking angles are about 90 degrees.

1056H: We're still sitting here waiting for something to happen. Wind readings are pretty grim. John Bonds has offered to do the Navaho Wind Dance and if he does I will make sure a picture is posted!!!

1033H: We have now moved to where we will set up a line. Mean Machine is reporting 5 knots at the top of their mast. We just hoisted the AP and sounded a postponement. Dropping anchor now - our position is 24 30.592 N and 81 53.140 W

0937H: We are still in a holding pattern around mid course. Our weather mark boat reports no observable winds at the top of the circle per their instruments.

0933H: The Farr 40s are starting to arrive with their coach boats along side.

0930H: Wind readings showing a drop to 2 knots.

0928H: We have Tom from Commander's Weather on board with us today. Tom is reporting that there are no significant clouds in the area that will produce a shower, but there is a small band of shower activity to the west and south west about 65 miles away from us.

0923H: We have stopped for a wind check roughly at the middle of the course circle. Winds are light - 4 kts. coming from 050 and seas are flat. The wind looks more consistent out here- closer to shore was very patchy.

0845H: Good Morning, Race Fans! This is Susan on the Division One signal boat getting ready to leave the dock. Looks like it will be a pretty light day, but the sunshine is wonderful. We are hoping to get two races in today. I will post more photos and video clips of the action as the day progresses.

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22Jan2008 Day 2


1647H: The M-30 s first three finishers are Illusion, Groovederci, and Black Seal. This wraps up a great day of racing here at Key West. More tomorrow.


1626H: The order of finish for the first three Melges 32s are Red, Pegasus, and New Wave


1623H: The Italian teams crossed 1,2, and 3 in the Farr 40 fleet - Fiamma, Nerone and Mascalzone Latino


...many protest flags seen and being called in.


1615H:  Fiamma is first to cross


1609H: Update on Pegasus and New Wave - when they rounded the gate mark at the same time - New Wave hit a velocity header - she was bow down and upright. When the two boats converged again, Pegasus was well ahead.


1552H: We sure have a lot of spectator boats, press boats, and coach boats hanging around the finish line. Misty was out here for awhile with the judges. The judges will be busy tonight considering all the red flags we saw.


1544H: they just finished the 2nd weather leg and heading back to the gate - then upwind to the finish


1521H: The first two Melges 32s to round the gate are New Wave and Pegasus rounded the gate simultaneously. New Wave tacked to the northeast and Pegasus tacked to the southeast. They continue to split as they go up the beat. New Wave has tacked to port and Pegasus tacked to starboard after 2 minutes and they are now converging again. Very exciting sailing.


1504H: Race 2 update - it was a beautiful start on a square line for all three classes. No OCS. Mean Machine won the second race in the Farr class. RED won race 2 for the Melges 32 and Groovederci won the 2nd race for the M-30s. Winds have calmed down to about 10 and the seas are flatter - this looks like a sign of the light air to come on Wednesday.


Farrs are almost to the gate on the first leeward leg of race 3. I'm going to get some shots of the rounding.


1456H: ok, so we just got the third race off for Farrs, Melges 32s and M-30s. This is a 5 leg race with a windward finish. We are about to up-anchor and head up to set up a windward finish. should get some good pictures on this finish.


1335H: Wind still holding around 15. Wind shifted to 100-103.


1332H: We are displaying Romeo - there will be a third race today.


1309H: Barking Mad rounds the gate first.


1300H: Good first race for the Groovederci


1244H: Melges are all clear on second start (Been busy calculating the finishes for the first race)


1232H: Farr 40s are all clear on second race start


1222H: Farrs and Melges are all finished. One M-30 left to go. we are sounding the drop of R - 5 minutes to Farr warning. Will send finish info as soon as we verify


1129H: All Melges 32s around the gate. Winds holding at around 15. Seas seem a bit calmer.


1127H: Melges 32s are rounding the gate and heading back up.


1120H: Melges 32s are coming down to the gate sailing fast angles


1118H: Ramrod is the last Farr to round the gate. Boats are pretty much split going back up to the top mark


1116H: Alinghi is in the middle of the pack.


1115H: mascalzone Latino was 2nd around and Mean Machine 3rd, Goombay Smash 4th and Sled - the Japanese boat was 5th


1114H: First Farr to round the gate is Groovederci


1112H: we are going with 075 for the new weather mark bearing.


1110H: Farr 40s are about 5 minutes from the gate rounding.

It looks like all the Farr 40s are flying their masthead chutes on the leeward leg. wind speeds holding around 12-16


1105H: All Farr 40s have rounded the weather mark - we are anticipating a course change for the 2nd windward leg - wind shift and will probably change to 075. mark boats setting up with Charlie flag to signal change


1056H: Melges 32 and M-30 were all clear at the start - no OCS.


1032H: just sound the Farr 40 warning 4 minutes to the start. I will be out taking pictures can't attach to email - taking too long


0938H: Div 1 signal boat just anchored - Position 24 30 003; 81 54 005 W


0911H: Mornin' we are almost to our course location.


0901H: Div 1 signal boat underway.

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21Jan2008 Day 1

"Very windy out there!" ~ Cameron Dean, owner of M30 "Just Plain Nutz" ( from the top of his mast!)

1248H: Racing abandoned for today for all Div 1 classes. we are heading ashore.

1236H: Farr 40 and M30 competitors are beginning to arrive. November over alpha flags have been raised on the signal boat to signal abandonment of racing for Melges 32 class, wind gusts to 32 - waves 6+
Div 1 signal boat on station at 24 30 276 and 81 54 004

1230H: Melges 32 : all racing has been abandoned for today.

1205H: it's blowing 20-22 with gusts around 25. Seas are 4-6 and very lumpy. we are getting set up for anchoring as soon as we find the right spot. no competitors out here yet.









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