Acura Miami Race Week 2005 -  "The SORC Renaissance"
March 10 - 13, 2005

Media Advisory - Schedule - Registration

February 2005

Dear Media Representative:

Acura Miami Race Week 2005 is shaping up to be a major event in the world of sailboat racing. Entries have already topped 130 - more than doubling last year's 59-boat SORC fleet.There will be no shortage of world-class talent in South Beach with names such as Butterworth, Melges, Fogh, Larson, Cutler, Dodson, Stead, Bertrand, Haines, and many more spread throughout the Ocean and Biscayne Bay fleets.

Whether you will be on site, or are covering the event from your home base, we hope you will register in advance and update our records. You may register through our web site: www.Premiere-Racing.com or complete and return the attached form.

We will be emailing press releases each night summarizing the day's racing, and complete results and standings will be posted each night at Premiere-Racing.com.


I am pleased to announce that Laurie Fullerton will be our press officer.

Royalty-free, high-resolution photos suitable for print reproduction will be available upon request by email to accredited publications.

On the next page is a one-page summary of information to help you plan your coverage.

Finally, we need clipping and web site links. As you know, media coverage greatly enhances the exposure and the value of the event for participants, sponsors, and all interested parties. Premiere Racing would very much appreciate your including us in your distribution - whether it is in print or in cyberspace. Any photograph or mention Acura Miami Race Week 2005 is of great interest to us. Thank you in advance for sending us either the actual publications or notification for our follow-up.

Our contact information follows:

Premiere Racing, Inc.
67 B Front Street Marblehead MA 01945
Phone: 781-639-9545 Fax: 781-639-9171
Email: Jeanne@Premiere-Racing.com
Web: www.Premiere-Racing.com

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your registration, updates and information.

Best regards,

Jeanne Kleene
Premiere Racing, Inc.


Acura Miami Race Week 2005
Media Advisory


Event Dates:     March 10 - 13, 2005

Event Location: Miami and Miami Beach, Florida USA

Headquarters: Acura Race Headquarters
                       Miami Beach Marina (MBM) - Ocean Courses
                       300 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

                      Shake-A-Leg Facility (SAL) - Biscayne Bay Course
                      2620 South Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33133

Media Facilities: Media Center - Miami Beach Marina

Registration: March 9 - 10, 2005
In Advance: Contact Premiere Racing

As many as ten races are scheduled on the Ocean Courses and eight on the Biscayne Bay Course. Etchells, Melges 24, J/24s and small PHRF (handicap 100 - 140) will race on the Biscayne Bay Course. Mumm 30s and J/105s are on the Ocean courses and will begin racing on Friday - all others (Farr 40, Transpac 52, PHRF 1 - 4) begin racing on Thursday. There are no scheduled lay days. In the event of a no-race day, the last day of racing will remain Sunday March 13.

Principal Race Officers are Dave Brennan, Tom Duggan, and Ken Legler.

Event name: Acura Miami Race Week 2005
          Please use the complete official event name.

Detail Schedule  final details and locations will be available at the Media Center and on the web site

Daily Thursday* - Saturday, March 10 - 12:
Harbor Start   0830
Racing           1000 - 1630
Post Race Social Activities 1600 - 1800
*Ocean Division 1 Only

Sunday March 13:
Harbor Start    0830
Racing (2 race Maximum)       1000 - 1530
Prize Giving & Evening Party* 1700 - 1900
*MBM for all Divisions

Please visit www.Premiere-Racing.com for Current Entries/Scratch Sheet, Event Details, Press Releases, Results, Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race, Maps and Schedules, and travel information.

Photo boats:
Media representatives and photographers desiring to cover the event on the water are encouraged to make their own arrangements for boats or charters.

Any commercial video of the event must be licensed by Premiere Racing, Inc.

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Additional Comments or Questions:

Please return to: Premiere Racing, Inc. 67 B Front Street Marblehead MA 01945
Phone: 781-639-9545 Fax: 781-639-9171 Email: Jeanne@Premiere-Racing.com