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UPDATED: NOV 3, 2010


Affordable Key West

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Miami Grand Prix

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Class Logistics / Dockage

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“It’s been an awesome week of all-around sailing and we’re very, very pleased,”

Brian Keane, J/105 Savasana


“The Race Committee is very organized, very professional. I love Key West Race Week!”

Donald Wilson, J/105 Convexity


"The J/105 class is such a big part of Key West Race Week. We're confident that 2011 will produce a stellar fleet with the improving economy, our new expense savings and straightforward logistics initiative. J/105 sailors are encouraged to check out expense savings specifics on our Affordable Key West page."                   

                                                                     Peter Craig, Race Chairman

Online entry through YachtScoring.com!

Notice and Conditions of Race is posted - click to view online

Text only NOR for reference (pdf)

Key West 2011 Entry Form (pdf)



J/105 - Miami Grand Prix







J/105 owners have expressed interest in getting back to Miami Beach and one design racing at Premiere Racing's Miami Grand Prix (March 10-13, 2011).  

It wasn’t so long ago that the J/105 class had a very meaningful presence at the Miami Grand Prix regatta, with 18 boats in 2005. As you know the South Beach venue is spectacular – both on the water and with its unique nightlife.

We’ve been asked by some J/105 owners if we would be able accommodate a J/105 start. The thought was there are some owners who might prefer a South Beach event over Tampa or Charleston or in addition to those regattas. The short answer to the question  is “yes” we can and will consider a one design class if there is sufficient interest. We’d like to have a minimum of 8 entries for a start. Last year Kevin Grainger and his Gumption crew participated in an IRC class. Kevin would be available to answer any logistical questions owners might have.

Please get back to us with your thoughts and whether Miami Beach racing is of interest to you in 2011.







There are often owners seeking charters for Key West. If you have a J/105 and wish to make it available to another owner for charter, please let Premiere Racing or your class know.


Private charter listings are also posted in the Charter section on the event web site. Individuals desiring a charter or offering their boat for charter can submit information for posting at no charge. Email: Premiere Racing

Class Logistics / Dockage








Please be sure to check out the event logistics page for answers to your logistics questions.


Dockage: The least expensive Old Town Marina ($3.50/foot) is the Historic Seaport Marina. They offer a rafting rate of $2.75/foot but we’ll try to beat that for a special class rate. More to follow…


Staging-Mast In-Launch-Haul-Mast Out:  There are numerous options available in Key West and on Stock Island (see the Key West logistics page). A new event mobile marina operation (Coffin Marine) was in play at Truman Waterfront Property last year and received very favorable reviews from boat owners and boat captains. Their rates were 10% lower than what S&S Mobile Marina charged in 2009. We are working with Coffin Marine to establish a special J/105 class rate. More to follow…


Trucking through the Keys: Please see the Key West logistics page for guidance on trucking restrictions. For details and questions: the Florida Department of Transportation numbers and links are on our logistics page. We are asking the Key West Chamber of Commerce to lobby the Florida DOT to provide relief on trucking and escort restrictions. More to follow over the summer months...   

Breaking News











Key West will again be designated as the class 2011 Midwinter Championship. There will be a special championship trophy awarded to the class winner on Friday at the final awards presentation.


With an improving economy (fingers crossed), our new expense savings and straight forward logistics initiative, we fully expect a bounce back year for the J/105 class. Please see the details in the special web section.


We will continue working closely with the class and individual J/105 boat owners who are regulars at Key West Race Week in our collective attempt to build the fleet numbers back. One of the most effective tools is for J/105 owners to make their intentions known.

As we all know, good competition begets more entries! If you have Key West on your racing calendar for 2011 or are even giving it serious consideration at this point, please notify Premiere Racing or your Class Representatives so we can update the all-important “Early Entry Plans” section.


The J/105 class has a lengthy history at race week and has been a one design class for 12 years now (since 1999). Way back in 1997 there were 3 J/105’s entered with Tony Dell’s XSSX winning a very competitive 17-boat PHRF class. William Conway’s Phantom and Dick Robert’s Snoopy were 5th and 8th respectively. The next year there were only 2 J/105s competing in a 14-boat PHRF class with neither finishing on the podium.


We look forward to working with the J/105 class in the months ahead and welcome your comments and suggestions.

10+ Year History





Year Boats Champion Boat Homeport Link to
2000 18 Andrew Skibo Plum Crazy Ocean City, NJ results
2001 25 Robert Johnstone Tern 7 Charleston, SC results
2002 28 Robert Johnstone Tern 7 Charleston, SC results
2003 29 Richard Bergmann (Boat of the Week) Zuni Bear San Diego, CA results
2004 29 Bergmann / Bennett Zuni Bear San Diego, CA results
2005 40 Tom Coates Masquerade SanFrancisco, CA results
2006 29 Tom Coates Masquerade SanFrancisco, CA results
2007 33 Tom Coates Masquerade SanFrancisco, CA results
2008 34 Tom Coates Masquerade SanFrancisco, CA results
2009 13 Brian Keane Savasana Marion, MA results
2010 14 Brian Keane Savasana Marion, MA results

Key Contacts








Premiere Racing Peter Craig, Event Director email 1-781-639-9545  
  Jeanne Kleene, Admin. & Web email f-781-639-9171 (fax)  
Class Web Site J105.org web page    
Class President Bernard Girod email 1-805-682-6168  
Class Administrator Chris Howell email 1-440-796-3100  
All Class Officers J/105 Officers web page    
Historic Seaport Marina

Dockmaster Terri Otto - web page



1-305-293-8369 (fax)

Coffin Marine

Mobile Marina Services - web page



1-305-872-5613 (fax)

Accommodation Center Web Site email




 Entry Plans





Please see the Current Event Entry List on Yachtscoring.com

 Updated: DEC 10 2010        
  Entered 12        

Please contact your Class Representative  or Premiere Racing with your updates.








"It is impossible to fully explain how awesome this week was! Key West is beautiful, the weather incredible, the wind strong - it blew every day. The sailing was great, the racing tight, and the event management an exercise in perfection.”

Ralph Godkin, J/105 Crewmember


“We were talking on the way back to the dock and everyone agreed the competition here this year was better than it’s ever been…”

            Tom Coates; J/105 Masquerade


“Thanks as well for a great regatta.  We had a wonderful time and as always everyone on your end did a fabulous job!”

Sandy Butler, J/105 Linda