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International Team Results

Saucony 5K Fun Run

Division I Division II Division III Division IV


Yachting Magazine Trophy - Boat of the Week  
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Atalanti XI

Farr 40  George Andreadis Athens, Greece

Key West Trophy - PHRF Boat of the Week


J/145 (PHRF 2) Marty Fisher  Annapolis, Maryland

Lewmar Marine Trophy - Top IMS Owner / Driver (Group 1)

Uarshek II

Farr 49 (IMS) Ennio Staffini  Annapolis, Maryland

International Team Trophy      detail results
           Team Italy

Mascalzone Latino

Farr 40 Vincenzo Onorato Naples, Italy
Maga Joanna Mumm 30 Paolo Parente Naples, Italy
Typhoon  Melges 24  Tony Wattson  Newport Beach, CA

Class Winners 
Division I    - SERIES and All 8 Races

A IMS  Esmeralda  Farr 50 Makoto Uematsu  Tokyo, Japan 
B PHRF 1 Chessie Racing  Farr 52 George Collins Gibson Island, MD 
C PHRF 2  Strabo J/145 Marty Fisher Annapolis, MD
D 1D35 Joss  1D35 Owen Kratz  Houston, TX 
E PHRF 3 Tiburon Melges 30  Michael T. Gray Metairie, LA
F1 PHRF 4  The Wall  Mumm 36 Gordon Shiff  Tampa, FL
F2 PHRF 5  Claddagh N/M 40 Leo Fallon/Jim Flanagan Marblehead, MA

Division II   - SERIES and All 8 Races

A PHRF 6 Abbey Normal B-32 Jeffrey Gale Hope Town, Abaco
B PHRF 7 Family Wagon Custom 27  Richard A. Hallett  Casco Bay, ME
C PHRF 8  Savage  C&C 34 Alan D. Townsley  Palisades, NY
D J/80  352  J/80  Kerry Klingler Larchmont, NY
E PHRF 9 Dream Cookie Tripp 26  Peter DeBeukelaer  Jackson, MS
F PHRF 10 Rugger  S2 7.9 John & Jeff Sampson Detroit, MI

Division III   - SERIES and All 8 Races

A Melges 24 Zenda Express Harry Melges Zenda, WI
B J/105 Tern V  Robert Johnstone Charleston, SC 
C J/29 Samson  Brandon & Cindy Flack  Stonington, CT

Division IV   - SERIES and All 8 Races

A Farr 40 Atalanti XI George Andreadis Athens, Greece
B Mumm 30 Turbo Duck Bodo & Nick von der Wense Annapolis, MD

Boat of the Day - more about this trophy

Monday - Premiere Racing Day  Atalanti XI Farr 40  George Andreadis  Athens, Greece

Tuesday - City of Key West Day  Full Throttle Melges 24 Brian Porter Lake Geneva, WI

Wednesday - Mount Gay Rum Day  Avalanche  1D35 W.S. Shellhorse  Lake Wesley, VA

Thursday Fast Lane J/29  Jay McArdle Milwaukee, WI  


Friday - Yachting Magazine Day  Cita Schock40 (PHRF 2)  Cita Litt Newport Beach, CA

Race Dates for Yachting Key West Race Week 2002 are January 21 - 25, 2002

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