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Nautica Watches logoNautica Watches Boat of the Day

Fantastica (Melges 32)

Lanfranco Cirillo

Roncadelle, Brescia, Italy



Lewmar / Navtec logoLewmar / Navtec Boat of the Day

Barking Mad (Farr 40)

Jim Richardson

Boston, Massachusetts



Mount Gay Rum Boat of the Day

Full Throttle (Melges 24)

Brian Porter

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin



Industry Partner Day

The Marlow Trophy

Apparition (Swan 42)

Ken Colburn

Dover, Massachusetts



Quantum Sails logoQuantum Sails Boat of the Day

Interlodge (TP52)

Austin and Gwen Fragomen

Newport, Rhode Island



Quantum Key West 2013 logoQuantum Sails Boat of the Week

Full Throttle (Melges 24)

Brian Porter

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


Boat of the Week

The ultimate prize at Key West is the Boat of the Week Trophy. This prestigious award will be presented to the boat which triumphs in the class with the closest, most competitive racing.

A tradition since the very beginning of “Key West Race Week”, the scoring criteria has evolved from what was initially the lowest point total to a dual criteria, utilizing various factors and formulas that were refined over time. The criteria were further enhanced when a qualitative assessment was included in the analysis, and has been used successfully for more than six years. This mix of quantitative and qualitative assessment and comparisons remains in play for 2010.

The quantitative criteria takes the series score into account, subtracting the points of the class winner from the 5th place boat. The fewer the points between 1st and 5th the better the result. We also review finish times, deltas and course distances among the top boats in the classes and use this as part of the qualitative criteria. For boats in handicap classes, corrected times are used. This assessment will also be a factor in determining Boat of the Day winners.

The qualitative component considers the varying conditions and classes on each of the 3 courses. Class size, starts, finishes, mark roundings, protest decisions, boats that drop out and other situations not reflected in finish times and series scores are all factors that can be taken into consideration. The Race Chairman will call upon his Principal Race Officers and their Spotters to report their observations before determining the Boat of the Day and Boat of the Week winners. Each class is eligible for only one Boat of the Day Award during race week.

No criteria are perfect — including ours. We'll continue to look at this issue and strive to develop the very best method for ensuring that the Key West Boat of the Week Trophy is presented to the class winner which triumphs in what is truly the most competitive, closely contested class during race week.

Boat of the Week — Past Winners

2012Samba Pa TiMelges 32John Kilroy, Jr.
2011Blu MoonMelges 24Franco Rossini
2010Samba Pa TiMelges 32John Kilroy, Jr.
2009StarMelges 32Jeff  Ecklund
2008Barking MadFarr 40James Richardson
2007Giacomel Audi RacingMelges 24Riccardo Simoneschi
2006BellicosaSwan 45Massimo Ferragamo
2005Pegasus 525Melges 24Team Pegasus
2004Mean MachineFarr 40Peter DeRidder
2003Zuni BearJ/105Richard Bergmann
2002Atalanti XIFarr 40George Andreadis
2001Atalanti XIFarr 40George Andreadis
2000Heartbreaker1D35Robert Hughes
1999Hi FlingCM 60Irvine Laidlaw
1998Abracadabra1D48Jim Andrews
1997Windquest1D48Dick and Doug Devos
1996BrightstarN/M 47Richard Breeden
1995InfinityN/M 49John Thomson
1994Thomas I-PunktMumm 36Thomas Friese
1993Highland FlingSwan 53Irvine Laidlaw
1992GauchoFarr 44Christian Schmiegelow
1991Lonia Bene 1st 41John Matney and Cylde Stacey
1990Babe RuthlessN/M 30Larry Harvey
1989DiablesseBeneteau 42Rod Sellers
1988BrigadoonFrers 41Robbie Pierce