Acura Key West 2006, Presented by Nautica

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International Team Competition

IRC National Championship


Division 1

Swan 45, Farr 40, Mumm 30

Peter Reggio

Division 2

TP52, IRC 1, PHRF2, Melges 32, IRC 2, PHRF 3

Bruce Golison

Division 3 

Melges 24, J/105, J/80

Dave Brennan

Division 4  

Corsair 28R, J/109, PHRF 4, PHRF 5,  

C&C 99, PHRF 6, PHRF 7

Wayne Bretsch


BOAT OF THE WEEK  - The Acura Trophy

The ultimate prize at Key West is the 'Boat of the Week'. This prestigious award will be presented to the boat which triumphs in the class with the closest most competitive racing. .... read more


Swan 45 - Bellicosa

Massimo Ferragamo - NY, NY




The Key West Trophy


J/120 - El Ocaso

 Rick Wesslund - Tiburon, CA


Boat of the Day


Monday - Nautica Day

Farr 40 Norwegian Steam

Eivind Astrup, Oslo Norway


Tuesday - City of Key West Day

Melges 24 Team Pegasus

Dave Ullman - Newport Beach, CA



Wednesday - Mount Gay Rum Day

Swan 45  Jeroboam Canova

Vittorio Codecasa - Porto Cervo, Italy




Thursday - Industry Partner Day

J/109 Storm

Rick Lyall, Wilton, CT



Friday -  Acura Day

Mumm 30 - Groovederci

Deneen Demourkas - Santa Barbara, CA



The Nautica Trophy

 International Team Competition

Nautica Watches

Official Timekeeper


Awards Photos by Ken Stanek


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Official Photographer:

Tim Wilkes / Tim Wilkes,com




Boat of the week - continued .. Over the years, lowest score evolved into a dual criteria, utilizing time and distance sailed, and in subsequent years, factors and formulas were added and refined. In 2003, qualitiative assessment was included in the analysis, and it was favorably received.

This year will again utilize the mix of quantitative and qualitative assessment and comparisons.

The quantitative criteria takes the series score into account, subtracting the points of the class winner from the 5th place boat. The fewer the points between 1st and 5th the better the result. For boats in handicap classes, we also review corrected times and deltas among the top boats in handicap classes and use this as part of the qualitative criteria. This assessment will also be a factor in determining Boat of the Day.

The qualitative component considers the varying conditions and classes on each of the 4 courses. Starts, finishes, mark roundings, protest decisions, class size, boats that drop out and other situations not reflected in finish times are all taken into consideration. The Race Chairman will call upon his 4 Principal Race Officers, Spotters and Chief Judge to report their observations before determining the Boat of the Day and Boat of the Week winners. Each class is eligible for only one Boat of the Day Award during race week.

The Key West Trophy - the PHRF Boat of the Week - will be awarded to the PHRF class with the closest competition. The time and distance formula will identify the leading contenders and a combination of qualitative and quantitative criteria identified above will be used to determine this winner.

No criteria is perfect - including ours. We'll continue to look at this issue and strive to develop the very best method for ensuring that the Boat of the Week Trophy is presented to the class winner which triumphs in the most competitive, closely contested class during race week.

Boat of the Week - Past Winners  
Year Boat Type Entrant
2006 Bellicosa Swan 45 Massimo Ferragamo
2005 Team Pegasus Melges 24 Team Pegasus/Bill Hardesty
2004 Mean Machine Farr 40 Peter DeRidder
2003 Zuni Bear J/105 Richard Bergmann
2002 Atalanti XI Farr 40 George Andreadis
2001 Atalanti XI Farr 40 George Andreadis
2000 Heartbreaker 1D35 Robert Hughes
1999 Hi Fling CM 60 Irvine Laidlaw
1998 Abracadabra 1D48 Jim Andrews
1997 Windquest 1D48 Dick & Doug Devos
1996 Brightstar N/M 47 Richard Breeden
1995 Infinity N/M 49 John Thomson
1994 Thomas I-Punkt Mumm 36 Thomas Friese
1993 Highland Fling Swan 53 Irvine Laidlaw
1992 Gaucho Farr 44 Christian Schmiegelow
1991 Lonia Bene 1st41 John Matney & Cylde Stacey
1990 Babe Ruthless N/M 30 Larry Harvey
1989 Diablesse Beneteau 42 Rod Sellers
1988 Brigadoon Frers 41 Robbie Pierce

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