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Acura Key West 2006 - Getting Ready!

watch the tent go up.....

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"Welcome to paradise! Arriving sailors are greeted by sunshine, clear waters and a balmy breeze." 
View down the dock near the Galleon and looking toward the harbor.


Preparing the sails and gear for Stefano Polti's Swan 45, Mintaka. Homeport: Italy.


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Swan 601 Moneypenny arrives in Key West.


Insert tab 'A' into slot 'B'...A Farr40 getting ready for battle.


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  Captain Matt Noren sets up Heartbreaker for the upcoming action.  
Functional Beauty. Crewmembers Mike (left) and Panda prep El Ocaso, a J120 from Tiburon, CA.



Captain's Tips

by Rebecca Burg

A few tried and true tips from Florida Keys mariner, Capt. Bill.

Operating large charter vessels full-time on local waters since 1974 along with actively cruising and racing his sailboat, an eight-ton ketch, Capt. Bill Robinson has learned a thing or two.

"Watch the current," Bill says. "The current usually goes from east to west in Hawk's channel. The easternmost racing divisions (#3 and #4) will especially notice this. Along with this westerly current, there is the regular tidal current in and out of Key West Harbor. Boats will mainly get set by the current when the winds are light."

Capt. Bill also warns about the area's lobster pots. "There are lots of crab and lobster trap buoys to get snagged on out there. And look out for patches of floating weed and grass." Bill also mentions that dolphin, frequently seen in local waters, may pay your boat a visit and frolic in the bow wave. "At least you don't have to worry about bumping into those guys."

Photos courtesy of Rebecca Burg  visit her website


watch the tent go up.....
















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